Back From San Diego

I am back from my week of fun down in the south end of California.  Everything that was posted this week, with the exception of the SOE & STO thought, I wrote in advance and set WordPress to post automatically.  The place where we stayed did have strong and free WiFi so I did interject some comments during the week, but that was about it.

I did manage to stop for a minute in front of Sony Online Entertainment’s HQ and get a picture with the sign.  It was not far off the path from our hotel up in  Carlsbad and out destination for the day, which was SeaWorld.  Here I am:

Wilhelm and the sign

Wilhelm and the sign


I did have to play the coffee card with my wife however.  I told her they always talk about coffee in general and Starbucks in particular on the podcast, so there must be a Starbucks close by for her morning dose of caffeine. (I do not drink coffee myself, so never really pay close attention to its availability.)

Unfortunately, there was no Starbucks immediately apparent along our route from Highway 805 to SOE or back out to Highway 5, so I had to deal with a little bit of crankiness until some coffee could be found.  I should have checked the Starbucks website.  I bet they have locator.

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