EQuinox and Rise of Kunark Beta

There is a magazine coming out called EQuinox that is dedicated to EverQuest II and the EverQuest II community.  I understand there will be something in the first issue from Cyanbane at EQ2-Daily!

EQuinox is from the same publisher, Massive Multiplayer Magazines, that does the highly acclaimed EON Magazine about EVE Online as well as magazines for RF Online and Entropia Universe.

EON has an excellent reputation in the EVE Online community, so much so that I have been tempted to subscribe, even at the rather steep price. ($56 for four quarterly issues.)

I hope that EQuinox will carry on that publishing tradition and become a high quality resource for the EQII community.

But just to sweeten the deal, SOE is offering a slot in the upcoming Rise of Kunark beta program for anybody who pre-orders a subscription to EQuinox.  From the official announcement:

EQuinox is the first official print magazine entirely dedicated to EverQuest II, its players, creators and the myriad possibilities that await adventurers in the world of Norrath! EQuinox is a community driven magazine written by players, developers and EQII enthusiasts providing insight, information and excitement to the world of EQII the likes of which has never before been available in print.

Available for purchase exclusively through the Station Store, EQuinox is 68 pages of glossy, full-color news, interviews, features, columns, previews, fan fiction, original content and in-depth guides to life in EQII. EQuinox is produced by a dedicated team of writers and designers from within the EQII community and beyond. For more information and updates please visit, www.equinox-magazine.com.

To celebrate this upcoming release, SOE is offering, with the valid pre-order of the EQuinox magazine, an invitation* to the beta program for EverQuest II Rise of Kunark–the highly anticipated expansion pack. By pre-ordering the EQuinox magazine, subject to the terms and conditions listed below, you are automatically registered for entry into the beta program and will have the chance to play the expansion before its commercial release.

The expected release date is August 9, 2007. All release dates are estimates only and are subject to change. Cancellations for pre-orders will be accepted until midnight (Pacific Daylight Time), August 8, 2007.

August 8th is not far off, so act soon.  You can find the full announcement, details, and order form here.

6 thoughts on “EQuinox and Rise of Kunark Beta

  1. CrazyKinux

    EON is a very well made magazine. Though somewhat on the expensive side, it’s really worth the dollars with all the great community information, lore article, short stories and all.

    I’ve always learned something new, interesting which I never would have otherwise. I’ve even gone back to a few articles for reference. Well worth my money!

    Hopefully EQuinox will prove to be as good.


  2. Stargrace

    Looking forward to the first edition and the ones following, it’s nice to have a whole entire magazine dedicated to the game (even if it is only quarterly) as opposed to having to skip and skim other magazines that are filled with stuff I have no interest in reading.


  3. Stargrace

    Not sure what other articles are in there, but mine at least you won’t find on the internet (granted it’s not due the first edition of the magazine, but the second installment). It’s about a particular sector of the game that there’s pretty much no solid information on. I would imagine that there’s plenty of these types of articles.


  4. girlie

    yeah no way I’d pay $56 dollars for a game magazine. It’s a rip off people. Nothing you can’t find online.


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