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Meme: Rejected

There is another meme running around, a “Blogging Tips” meme, and I have been tagged by MMOre Insight for this one. While I appreciate the thought (the only thing worse than being talked about and such), I am going to decline to participate.


Well, it is not because of any meme hate.  I generally participate when I get tagged and do my own tagging as well.  Memes can be fun and interesting, as you get to compare how different people respond to the same question. 

This meme, however, is not interesting to me at all.  It is a link Ponzi Scheme.  The “winners,” if there is such a thing as “winning” on the web, will be those at the top of the list, with the creator of this meme reaping the most links.

Then there is the creator.  Well, I won’t link the site, but I went to check on it before I rejected this meme.

While the site says it is about “helping bloggers,” it is riddled with ads, with the offer “Get Reviewed By This Blog For $60” at the top.  I am sure there would be no question of integrity with a “for pay” review.

While I have no problem with anybody’s attempt to make money with their own site, you can count me out when it comes to the crass usage of a meme to further your own revenue.  This is nothing more than meme spam created by somebody looking to make a buck off the work of other bloggers.

My blogging tip: Write the blog you want to read. 

The blog I want to read doesn’t indulge in links for links sake.

Revelations Tutorial – Part II

I thought I chose the right agent to continue the tutorial, but I am beginning to suspect I chose the wrong one, though a lucky wrong choice it was. Abishi Tian at the School of Applied Knowledge in Todaki VI gave me some decent missions that showed me a few things I had not yet done in EVE.  They were all part of a quest chain called “Mountains out of Molehills.”

Mission #1 had me mine ore and deliver it to Abishi.  The was a bit of a hook here as the mission requires more ore to be delivered that a wee Ibis can carry, so an alert comes up cautioning you against accepting the mission.  Of course, there is nothing in the mission briefing that says you cannot make multiple trips.  That is how I accomplished it.  But that might scare a new player away from the whole quest chain. The payout was a 75mm Gatling cannon, plus one load of ammo for timely delivery

Mission #2 had me mine more ore, process it this time, and deliver it, to the tune of seven thousand units of tritanium.  That was easy enough.  Again, multiple trips were required.  The reward was a 5 use blueprint for a civilian afterburner along with 67,000 ISK for finishing the mission within a given time frame.

In Mission #3 I was asked to make 2 civilian afterburners.  Actually using blueprints to create an item is something that I had never actually done in EVE.  It turned out to be relatively easy, as no doubt it should be for a civilian module.  I had excess tritanium from the previous mission, more than enough for the task, so it was a matter of doing two runs of the blueprints and checking in with Abishi. The reward was a civilian code breaker module and 27,000 ISK for speedy delivery.

Mission #4 followed the pattern of the previous one.  I now had to take the item I had just been given, the civilian code breaker in this case, and use it for the next mission.  This time I had to get a data chip out of some wreckage, which was easy enough.  Upon return I was given a single use perpetual motion blueprint and 20,000 ISK for my timely return.

Mission #5 sent bade me use the data modules obtain along with the blueprint and, via invention, make a level II blueprint.  Unfortunately, Todaki VI has no science and industry stations for invention.  I ended up going to Kakalea VI, Moon 5 and the Lai Dai corporation factory to do invention.  Perhaps being able to find a place to do invention was part of the lesson.  Once done, you then have to take the Perpetual motion II blueprint, make the item, and deliver it.  I would suggest heading back to Todaki VI to make the item, as it end up being 100 cubic meters, which means if you have much of anything else in your little frigate cargo bay, it won’t fit and you’ll have to leave something behind.  The reward for this was a Bantam frigate with two Miner I units for early finish! Score!  A new ship is pretty cool, although it means buying insurance and such.

Mission #6 sent me to kill pirates in Kakalea.  This was the sort of mission I was used to in the past.  The reward was the skill Cybernetics I, needed for implants, which you tend to get from your story line missions, and 50,000 ISK for prompt dispatch of the pirates.

Mission #7 was a package delivery, 15 units of miniature electronics, to the Jouvulen system, 5 jumps away.  A single run Caldari Shuttle blueprint was the reward, along with 18,000 ISK for finishing in the bonus time frame.

Mission #8, as you might guess, required me to make a Caldari Shuttle.  Easy enough again.  It only requires tritanium as a raw material, so I was all set.  The reward for this was a Limited Memory Augmentation, a +1 memory slot 2 implant, and 15,000 ISK as a bonus for quick turn around.

Mission #9 sent me out to pick up and return Abishi’s rogue production assistant, around whom much of the story of these sequence was based.  To do this I had to warp to a specific location and begin mining some special asteroids.  That drew the attention of the pirates, who then attacked and were defeated.  Among the debris was the production assistant.  Now this was an agonizing mission in one way.  The asteroids were all Kernite.  I do not know much about mining, but I seem to recall that the value of an asteroid is related to the position of the first letter of its name in the alphabet.  The closer to A, the more valuable the ore you get, or something like that.  Anyway, I had never seen something mid-alphabet before.  So I bookmarked the location, intending to head on back after the mission was over.  However, it appears that you can only get to these asteroids while on this mission, so I spent some fruitless time searching around for them again.  I did not even get enough Kernite to process it, so I do not know if it measures up the alphabet theory.  The mission reward was a five run copy of Bantam frigate blueprint along with 24,000 ISK.  I bet you can guess what mission #10 is going to have me make!

Mission #10, as expected, required me to make a Bantam frigate.  This actually required a bit of planning, as a Bantam requires more than just tritanium to put together.  You need a lot of a couple of things and a little bit of a few more ingredients.  I began thrashing around online looking for what I would have to mine in order to get my hands on all of the raw materials I would need.  That got me a little down.  Then I realize that, with small quantities, I could probably buy them cheaply enough.  And, sure enough, within a couple of jumps of Todaki, I was able to find all I needed and what appeared to be low prices for the region.  And so I built a Bantam and turned it in.  The rewards were a limited cybernetic subprocessor, a slot 4 +1 intelligence augmentation, plus 92,000 ISK for completion within the bonus timeframe, which was 2 months and 1 day.  I suppose I could have gone out and mined all the raws and made it in time for the bonus.  But now I was done.

Then I noticed the other agent available to me in the station, Vari Satilela, was also a training agent.  She gave me two missions, a pirate hunting task and a delivery, then pointed me to another agent at Jouvulen III, which houses the Science and Trade Institute School.  There an agent named Ochishi Veilai started me down the path of another 10 segment story line called “Balancing the Books.”  Appropriate for somebody in the trade end of things I suppose.  But those missions are for another post.

And, despite the title of this post, I have not actually gone back to Aura and the direct tutorials.  I have just been running the tutorial missions.