Meme: Rejected

There is another meme running around, a “Blogging Tips” meme, and I have been tagged by MMOre Insight for this one. While I appreciate the thought (the only thing worse than being talked about and such), I am going to decline to participate.


Well, it is not because of any meme hate.  I generally participate when I get tagged and do my own tagging as well.  Memes can be fun and interesting, as you get to compare how different people respond to the same question. 

This meme, however, is not interesting to me at all.  It is a link Ponzi Scheme.  The “winners,” if there is such a thing as “winning” on the web, will be those at the top of the list, with the creator of this meme reaping the most links.

Then there is the creator.  Well, I won’t link the site, but I went to check on it before I rejected this meme.

While the site says it is about “helping bloggers,” it is riddled with ads, with the offer “Get Reviewed By This Blog For $60” at the top.  I am sure there would be no question of integrity with a “for pay” review.

While I have no problem with anybody’s attempt to make money with their own site, you can count me out when it comes to the crass usage of a meme to further your own revenue.  This is nothing more than meme spam created by somebody looking to make a buck off the work of other bloggers.

My blogging tip: Write the blog you want to read. 

The blog I want to read doesn’t indulge in links for links sake.

9 thoughts on “Meme: Rejected

  1. kanthalos

    Hey man, don’t worry about it, I had never even seen a meme before, so I just figured I’d do it. I honestly didn’t have expectations that the people I chose would do it, I just figured it was a one-time thing and now it’s behind me, so you can rest assured, there will be no more “links for links sake” :)


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    No worries. I don’t mind being tagged, but when I looked at the first site on the list I just had to say “no way.”

    But I am often picky like that.


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  4. dmosbon

    hah got tagged also & had just been tyoing up a post about it…Ancient gaming noob always a step ahead!


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, a step ahead once in a while. I had this half written in my head when I saw it up in West Karana, so I was poised to strike when I got tagged!

    But I do hate it when I have a good idea and then find that it has already been posted, usually better than I would have done, by somebody else. Some internal filter keeps me from posting repeats, which is why I loathe doing research when I have an idea, as that usually kills it! :)


  6. Pvthudson

    Yeah it seems whenever I get an idea up it gets also posted somewhere else and none of us had no idea the other was writing it.

    this is why we all need to form our company and make our own game

    cept I cant program….


  7. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I don’t have time to help your Nigerian colleague as I’ve just been informed that I have won $12,000,000 in the Microsoft Internet Sweepstakes.


  8. Jesse Petersen

    I loved this post for its practicality, but was moved to respond with #7 and your brilliant comments. I just about fell out of my chair and had to fwd it to my co-workers.



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