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July in Review

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Not an exciting month I suppose.  I did spend a week away on vacation and still managed to have a post for each of those days by writing up a series of small pieces in advance.

But is summer when even a dedicated gamer like myself begins to feel a little gaming malaise.  With rare exceptions, I do not do play games during beta (I have a whole post lurking around why, and I’ll finish it some day, I swear), so distractions have been scarce.  To escape from the summer heat of Norrath and Middle-earth, I have spent some time in the cold, hard vaccum of space.

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Best Search Terms of the Month


[He seems rather certain in his search terms]

“text games” stalag

[I have no idea what this means.  A “Hogan’s Heroes” text adventure?]

Best Spam Comment Title

free homemade porn

[That just makes me go “eeeew!”]

EVE Online

In terms of play time, this is probably where I have been for most of the month of July.  I went back with CCP’s offer of five days for free, then re-upped for another month at $9.95.  And then, after I started that, I went off and created a new 14-Day trial account in order to go through the new Revelations tutorials.

As I play, I am building up a short wish list of things I would like to see in EVE, which will no doubt end up as a posting here at some future date.

EverQuest II

Blintz, my currently anointed “main” sat idle for most of the month.  He has hit a plateau where most of the quests in his book are either heroic or just a bit beyond his capabilities.  After all of the possible quests paths leading up to his level, the narrowing of zone focus means I cannot just run off and do something else for exp if I tire or a given area.  And Gaff isn’t around.  I cannot get him to come out and just grind a level of exp once in a while when the quests grow stale.

So I continue to play a bit with my wood elf ranger, Selirus, who is now up to level 39.

I have been doing some crafting.  I have gotten in the habit of making some T7 arrows and drink every night, a habit that is reinforced by the sound of jingling gold pieces as I sell out those very same crafted items nearly every week.  I am a dwarf at heart, lured by both the sound of battle and the sound of coins.

Speaking of coins, Game Update 37 downloaded to my machine this morning, so I will spend some time this weekend working out how to best use my expanded selling ability.

Fan Faire is this week.  There are supposed to be some announcements.  I hope the new Station Launcher is one of them.

And SOE still hasn’t gotten back on my support ticket regarding sales tax charged for my copy of EQuinox.  I am going to have to call ActionLine or something about my $1.07!

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

Since I am not that interested in it at the moment, the lack of a “hook” like Station Access means that I am unlikely end up buying it unless some of my core group of gaming friends has to go play it.  I only mention this because I found the “no Station Access” information this month.

Lord of the Rings Online

Real life was in the way some for most of the Saturday Night Instance Society during July, so we really did not get out there and do much in Middle Earth.  We had our big Defeat at the Great Barrow, but other than that we have just been pottering along doing a few quests.

And rumor has it that one of the people I know has fled Middle-earth for Azeroth again.  I have removed the link to his blog from the blogroll in protest! (And because he hasn’t posted in ages.)  That will show him.


Played some, but GameFly has been thwarting my game play desires by shipping me stuff from way down at the bottom of my queue.  I still have a half a dozen topics started about the Wii.  I just have to buckle down and finish them.


Hey, I was on Shut Up We’re Talking #4. Actually, the 2.5 hours that Brent, Darren, and I spent talking on Skype to record the show was a lot of fun in and of itself.  That a podcast came out of it seems to me to be something of a bonus!


You can bet there will be more EVE Online coverage.  I have at least one more post on the Revelations tutorial, observations on being back in the game, and some hopes and dreams for the game.