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Learning Skills for Learning Skills

Patience.  It is ever the watchword in EVE Online.  Wealth, knowledge, excitement, all of those can come to those who persevere through the game.

Or so I am told.

I am still way down at the “perseverance” end of the scale.

One of the ways you persevere is by training up skills, slowly but surely building up the capabilities that will allow you to do what you want in the game.

There are even a set of skills that will help you learn skills faster in EVE Online.  They come under the category of Learning.  Any new player guide worth anything probably advises you to spend some time with the Learning skills.  The Goonfleet, for example, has a guide that includes a training order for Learning skills.

The most generic of these skills is one called Learning.  For every level of this skill you train, you get a 2% bonus to each of your five attributes (Charisma, Intelligence, Memory, Perception, and Willpower), which will give you an immediate benefit to other skills you train.

Then there are five additional rank 1 skills that add one to a specific attribute for level you train in them.  They are:

Empathy for Charisma
Analytical Mind for Intelligence
Instant Recall for Memory
Spatial Awareness for Perception
Iron Will for Willpower

Like any skill in EVE Online, you can train each of these for five levels, giving you +5 to a given attribute.  However, training that 5th level takes a long time, and unless you are lacking for other things to train, training all of them to level 4 is the best time/benefit ratio.

Once you have trained all of those skills to level 4, there is another tier of learning skills which are rank 3. (Rank is something of a measure of complexity of a skill, the higher the rank, the longer it takes to train.)

Presence for Charisma
Logic for Intelligence
Eidetic Memory for Memory
Clarity for Perception
Focus for Willpower

As with the previous rank of skills, each of these will add 1 to a given attribute, which in turn will speed up training of any skill that uses that attribute.  These skills are a bit more pricey.  You had best be out earning some money if you want to grab these rank 3 skills once you are done with your rank 1s.

How effective are these skills?

Well, let me use an extreme example.  Using EVEMon, I ran up a training plan to see how long it would take me to be able to fly the biggest ship currently in the game, a Titan.  This is just to fly the monster, I could not use any of the equipment on it.

According to EVEMon, I could get my license to fly after only 328 days and 19 hours of training, assuming no lost time between skills (a subject for another post).

EVEMon has a nice feature.  It will suggest was to make your training more effecient.  In this case, it suggested 11 days worth of training in the Learning category before I started down the Titan path.

That training would reduce the total time of training to 301 days and 13 hours.

So by adding 11 days of training up front, the last skill in the sequence ends up finishing 27 days earlier.  That gives you a 27 day head start on the training necessary to make a Titan useful as more than the slowest, most ungainly, personal transport in game.

In a little more down to earth vein, my new character wants, eventually, to fly an Osprey, a Caldari cruiser that is very good for mining operations.  To get there with his current skills (which already include a lot of the learning skills) will take a little over 3 days and 6 hours.  I can train two more levels in Clarity over less than four hours, which will then shave 5 hours off the finish time.  Basically, I can get four skills in 3 days and 6 hours, or six skills in 3 days and 1 hour.  Which would you choose?

Of course, the key here is patience.  I know, in my head, that I should train these up first, some waiting now for benefit later.  The reality though, is that there is always some other skill I seem to want to train up right away.  I have to fight that tempation.

I have done pretty well with my new character.  He will be done training all of the rank 1 Learning skills up to level 4 this weekend.  Then I can concentrate a little on a career for him.

Wilhelm, my original character, has long been all over the map when it comes to training.  He has 6 million skill points spread out over 81 different skills.  Since I have been back, and since he has some ISK stored away, I have had him concentrating on the rank 3 Learning skills.  Another 10 day of that and he will be done there.  Then I can concentrate on a career for him as well.

And then I have to figure out what to train next.