Legends of Norrath

SOE announced their new game at Fan Faire this evening.  It is an online collectible card game called Legends of Norrath that encompases the lore of both EverQuest and EverQuest II.  You will be able to be able to play online or in the EQ or EQ2 client and cards for the game will be available as in-game drops.

Among interesting features is the ability to play across the two games, so EQ players can play against EQ2 player.  There will, of course, be loot cards in some of the packs you can purchase that will yield in-game items.

You can find the new SOE site about the game here.

I actually listened to the presentation via Online Gaming Radio (couldn’t get video to work) while IM’ing with Darren at Common Sense Gamer.

The best quote came after the presentation, when the mic was still broadcasting, and a female voice asked what I believe was, “You guys want some skirt shots?”  I suspect Coyote was involved somehow.

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