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Revelations Tutorial – Part III

I had previously been sent to Ochishi Veilai at Jouvulen III – Science and Trade Institute School for a continuation of the tutorial missions.  When I arrived, Ochishi started me on another 10 part series of missions called “Balancing the Books,” which ran as follows.

Mission #1 was a delivery mission.  Some top secret documents had to be brought to Ichinumi VII, School of Applied Knowlegde, five jumps away.  A task both easy and safe, so off I went.  The reward was a Civilian Salvager and 34,000 ISK.

Mission #2 sent me off with the Civilian Salvager I received from the last mission fitted to my ship. I was tasked to pick up some data from a wrecked ship in the Tsuguwa system.  I ran out there and found one wee pirate guarding the wreckage.  I dispatched him right away, which brought me to one of the items I should have put on my wish list from the other day.  When the pirate died, the mission window, which I had minimized, opened up and announced “Objective Complete!”

The objectives were, quite clearly, not complete.  However, one of the flaws with EVE Online missions is that you get that message any time a single objective from a mission is accomplished.  There is no allowance for multi-objective missions.

Fortunately, I had read the objectives for the mission and did not go jumping back to Jouvulen III right away.  Instead I used the salvager on the wreckage, removed the black box, and then returned to the agent.  For this mission I received the skill Science I and 76,0000 ISK for meeting the bonus reward time limit.

Mission #3 had me take the black box off to a facility that was equipped to deal with it, which was located at Sarekuwa III, Moon 6 – Caldari Steel Warehouse.  The warehouse appears to be a front for Caldari Intelligence.  This was a simple delivery, four jumps and dock.  The quests in this chain, and in the previous chain, all highlight in red letters that you should not forget to load your cargo (or fit the required equipment) before you run off on your mission.  Having done that myself on more than one occasion, I appreciate the tip!

Dropping off the black box got me a civilian code breaker and the skill Survey as a bonus.  Of course, I had to fly all the way back to Jouvulen to pick them up, but I was headed back in any case.

Mission #4, as expected, had me fit the civilian code breaker and run off to the Tunttaras system to defeat a Guristas pirate, go to the data storage device he was guarding, break their code, open the device, and take the data chip stored therein back to the agent.  Four jumps out, a very quick battle, a false “objective complete,” two runs with the code breaker, and four jumps back was all it took, and it netted me a civilian analyzer and 47,000 ISK.

Mission #5 was another delivery.  I thought sure I would have to fit and use the civilian analyzer, but not this time around.  This time I had to take the data chip off to Piekura VIII, Moon 11, to the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps Assembly Plant, another obvious front.  Ochishi hinted at “unpleasantness” along the way, but the trip was without incident.  The reward was a Caldari Heron frigate (wow!) and two Expanded Cargohold I fittings.  The Heron is clearly an upgrade from the Bantam I received on the last set of missions, but it isn’t quite the Merlin I am aspiring to get into.  I will have to keep saving for that.

Mission #6 was a quickie.  All I had to do was come up with a Tracking Computer I.  They were available in the station for 14,500 ISK, or for under 10,000 ISK just two jumps away.  I went the savings route, bought the cheap one, came back and turned it, for which I received one unit of Civilian Data Interface and 50,000 ISK.  A nice payoff.

Mission #7 required me to fit the civilian analyzer at last.  I had to go out and analyze an ancient ship structure, clearing away any Gurista pirates who might get in the way.  This actually took place in the Jouvulen system, so no jumps were required, just a hop to a warp accelerator, then another hop via that to the area around an ancient acceleration gate.  Two hostiles awaited me there, a Federation Clavis and a Federation Hastile, but they went down quickly enough, though their presence meant Gallente Navy involvement.  After looting them, I activated the gate.

After that hop, I was confronted by two more ships, a Pithi Imputor and a Pithi Arrogator.  Again, 75mm hybrid ammo chewed them up easily enough, which left me alone with the ancient ship structure.  It took a few tries with the analyzer before the structure yielded up its data core, and then I headed back to the station.  The reward was the skill Cybernetics (already have that, but thanks anyway) and 47,000 ISK.

Mission #8 was another delivery mission.  I had to bring some water to Tunttaras IX, Moon 11, the Vithri Storage facility.  The reward was a Limited Social Adaptation chip, a +1 charisma implant, and the training skill Salvaging.

Mission #9, once back in Jouvulen, was another shopping expedition.  This time, two units of 1MN Afterburner I was required to fill our the shopping list.  They were available for a little over 10,000 ISK each at the station with the agent, or for a little over 5,000 ISK each one jump away.  I went the cheap rout again, hoarding my ISK to get a bigger ship.  In return for acquiring these, I was given a single run copy of a Perpetual Motion Blueprint and the skill Cybernetics again.  That blueprint looks familiar.

Mission #10 ended up being the same as mission #5 from the Mountains out of Molehills series of missions.  Take the blueprint and some other items collected along the way, use invention (again not available at the station where the agent is) to create a tech II version of the blueprint, then create the perpetual motion device.  I had to go 3 jumps, to Airkiro VII, Moon 3 and the Lai Dai Corporation Factory to do the invention step.  Be careful if you are still running around in your Ibis when doing this mission.  The device is 100 cubic meters in size when created, so you’ll need some cargo space available to move it back to Jouvulen if you do not make it there.

Making the tech II blueprint via invention took me 5 minutes and, since I did not mention it before, it costs about 10,000 ISK to do the job.  Making the device take 100 tritanium, a little over 1,000 ISK, and 17 minutes.

The net result was a limited memory augmentation, a +1 memory item, and 133,000 ISK, which is a nice tidy sum for a new player.

At that point I tried the second agent in Jouvulen, Ohkanen Katamara.  He gave me a pair of missions identical, except for destinations, to the pair given by Vari Satilela back in Part II of this overview.  They were the same “kill a pirate, get the documents from his wreck” followed by “deliver the documents for me.”

When I had complete that, Ohkanen said he was impressed with my work and was directing me to another agent who would give me some more work.  He said that he was putting the agent in my address book.  When I opened up the People & Places window, I did indeed see that the agents had gone from 5 to 6.  The problem was, none of them looked new to me.  I recognized all of their names.

I had to stop for a second and do some mental back tracking to come up with the answer.  Purkkoken Honuken, the new agent on the list, also happens to be the agent for whom my main character has run the most missions, so he did not seem like a new name at all.  He is just a “regular” agent.  I was headed back to the same old missions now.  And, if I went to Purkkoken, it meant going to to Jita.

Jita.  Crap, I’m still in Jita.


I really enjoyed the 10 mission sets from the tutorial agents.  It was nice both to learn and do things a little different from the standard missions and to have a series of missions that had some connection.  Regular missions tend to feel like I am drawing cards from the “job jar.”  And the jar isn’t exactly overflowing with a wide variety of jobs.

I realized most of the way through this that some of the missions required the use of acceleration gates.  I do not think they were ever covered as part of the tutorial.  They were part of the old tutorial, so I knew how to use them and never thought twice about them at the time, but I wonder is somebody actually new to the game would pick up on what to do with them.

I did notice something new about the acceleration gates.  When it is time for you to use them, they seem to always be 0m away.  I did not have to spend time approaching them.  They were some ways away when I had a pirate to fight, but once that objective was down, the gate moved to 0m distance.

I mentioned the “Objective Complete” issue above.  CCP needs to change their format to allow missions to track multiple objectives.  This might actually allow for some more depth in missions as well.

I was a bit disappointed at being sent to Jita for my first real agent.  Sure, Jita is a popular place, rather like Ironforge in pre-TBC World of Warcraft, but you suffer from than popularity.  The system often takes a long time to load relative to other places, you get plenty of lag, and at peak hours I have had issues logging in to the game if I am parked there (a queue to log into  EVE!) or getting kicked off while docking or undocking within the system or when jumping in from another system.  Pouring noobs into this environment doesn’t seem like the best idea.  There ought to be other locations to which to send them.

And that brings me to the issue of finding new agents.  Suppose I do not want to keep flying in and around downtown Jita?  I know how to find a new agent that is available to me, but it is somewhat convoluted and can get you in trouble.  With my new character I was looking for agents available to me and nearly ended up flying my Bantam into low security space.  That would have been a one way trip no doubt.

So there ought to be a better way to find an agent.  Maybe a “Looking For Agent” interface.  Maybe another option at your current agent that asks for a recommendation.  Something a little easier than the current system would be nice.  And, when that agent is found or recommended, do not just stick it in the People & Places book without a highlight.  I got lost with only six agents in my list.  My main char has over 20.

I did not end up going back to the tutorial very much.  I did, at one point, access Aura to learn about corporations, but she only told me about how to join a corporation and how to get the recruiting channel up in my UI.  I wanted to experiment with creating a corp, just to get a feel for what goes into that, but Aura did not have any insight there.  I will have to figure that out on my own.

So with the end of the tutorial missions, that is the end of my tutorial overview.