Daily Archives: August 8, 2007

Cruisers! Cruisers! Cruisers!

I am getting ready to make my first cruiser purchases in EVE Online.  Since both of my characters are Caldari, and have trained up the Caldari ship line, there are only four choices for cruisers.

For my new character, who I am taking through the industrial and mining training path, as laid out in The Complete Miner’s Guide by Halada.

For this, the choice is easy.  I am getting an Osprey. 

The Osprey gets a bonus for mining yield and is the cheapest of the Caldari cruisers.  For any missions he runs, he will stick with his new Merlin. (I borrowed from my main to upgrade him.)

For Wilhelm, my main, my mission runner, I have two choices, as I would like to get him to level II missions some day.

First, there is the Caracal.  This is a missile-only cruiser when it comes to weapons.  That isn’t a bad thing.  Caldari ships are big on missiles, so I have some skill training in that area already, and missiles do some nice damage. 

The other option is the Moa.  This is more like my Cormorant in that it can mount rail guns and missile batteries.  It is also somewhat beefier in hit points, CPU, and powergrid. 

So the Moa seems to me to be somewhat more flexible for combat.  I will have to do a little training to be effective with either ship, but the Moa costs more to start, and will end up being more expensive to equip.  The Moa won’t push me into the range of flying something I cannot afford to replace, but I definitely better not forget to insure it before I start using it.

And I have to start working on the fittings for either.  More slots mean more choices, and I am not up on much beyone afterburners and shield rechargers.

So should I be frugal and focus my skill training on missiles with the Caracal, or splurge across the board with the Moa?