Cruisers! Cruisers! Cruisers!

I am getting ready to make my first cruiser purchases in EVE Online.  Since both of my characters are Caldari, and have trained up the Caldari ship line, there are only four choices for cruisers.

For my new character, who I am taking through the industrial and mining training path, as laid out in The Complete Miner’s Guide by Halada.

For this, the choice is easy.  I am getting an Osprey. 

The Osprey gets a bonus for mining yield and is the cheapest of the Caldari cruisers.  For any missions he runs, he will stick with his new Merlin. (I borrowed from my main to upgrade him.)

For Wilhelm, my main, my mission runner, I have two choices, as I would like to get him to level II missions some day.

First, there is the Caracal.  This is a missile-only cruiser when it comes to weapons.  That isn’t a bad thing.  Caldari ships are big on missiles, so I have some skill training in that area already, and missiles do some nice damage. 

The other option is the Moa.  This is more like my Cormorant in that it can mount rail guns and missile batteries.  It is also somewhat beefier in hit points, CPU, and powergrid. 

So the Moa seems to me to be somewhat more flexible for combat.  I will have to do a little training to be effective with either ship, but the Moa costs more to start, and will end up being more expensive to equip.  The Moa won’t push me into the range of flying something I cannot afford to replace, but I definitely better not forget to insure it before I start using it.

And I have to start working on the fittings for either.  More slots mean more choices, and I am not up on much beyone afterburners and shield rechargers.

So should I be frugal and focus my skill training on missiles with the Caracal, or splurge across the board with the Moa?

4 thoughts on “Cruisers! Cruisers! Cruisers!

  1. sucktastic

    Keep in mind, often in EVE flexible means useless. When you have to split between weapon types, you often end up sacrificing. For example, for the Moa, only one of its weapon types gets a bonus, the hybrid turret, leaving any missiles with base stats. The Caracal has 2 bonuses for missiles, and doesn’t have to split weapons types. Just something to think about when looking at splitting weapon types up. :)


  2. Van Hemlock

    I’d suggest the Caracal if you want to just get the job done, or the Moa if you want a more hands-on experience with the combat. Level 2 missions are mostly vs. Frigates, last time I did them, although more of them and tougher ones, and only the occasional Cruiser or two as support, so in the main, you’ll still need to be packing ‘S’ class weapons (150mm Railgun, etc, or Standard Missile Launcher), to be able to hit the little guys, although missiles are a bit more forgiving in this regard. Going out with only ‘M’ weapons fitted is likely to cause troubles, vs the smaller frigates. This does give you a huge amount of spare CPU and Grid for the other types of module though, as a significant chunk of each is consumed by the M weapons.

    If you’ve been working up the Caldari Frigates, think of the Caracal as a big Kestrel, and the Moa as a big Merlin, and go with whichever you enjoyed the most! Aesthetically, the Caracal is far superior to the twisted beer-can that is the Moa!

    One useful way to gauge the popularity of a ship, is not the market prices, but in the advanced market details for an item, there should be a big graph showing historic high/low/average prices, and along the bottom, volume traded, in green bar graphs. That’s a fair guide a to what people are flying as any, and might be useful as a pointer.


  3. Kirith Kodachi

    For level two missions, a Caracal with 5 assault missile launchers will chew through the rats with ease.

    I think more importantly you should start deciding if you are going to concentrate on Missiles or Rails as your primary training concern. I am a Caldari pilot who at your age forsook missiles for rails and trained up for the Moa/Ferox/Rokh with no regrets. I now run level four missions in a rail Rokh with relative ease.


  4. Malenfer

    Have fun with the Osprey. I used in some time before moving on to the Retriever. The mining yield is very nice. Try to fit a MLU I on it aswell. If i remember correctly it has room for a standard missile launcher two scout drones aswell. Enough to kill any empire space rat spawn.

    I use the Merlin aswell. Its a nice ship. I prefer it to my gallente options (my char is gallente, but specced into caldari only for the Osprey).


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