Daily Archives: August 9, 2007

The Quick Wood Elf Ranger

As I have said a couple of times, I have hit something of a plateau with Blintz, my fae swashbuckler.  I tend to be a very quest-oriented player and, at level 57, the quest pool is drying up a bit for him.  The fat city days of having three zones to run through for quests are past while heroic quests are piling up in his log.  While I could grind up to 58 with just an evenings work, the motivation has left me. 

I am just not having fun playing Blintz right now.

 Since having fun is the reason I play EverQuest II, I have let Blintz idle for a while.

This is usually the point when I roll up a new alt. 

Unfortunately, I have only one empty character slot left (for which I should thank SOE, since I had none previously and they were good enough to give us all an extra when the Arasai came out) and I am saving that for a new character when Rise of Kunark comes out.

But I have five other characters, so I am not completely out of options.

I decided to go back and play my ranger, Selirus. 

Playing Blintz got me very used to the scout classes.  Having the ability to sneak and track is very handy.

As an added bonus, Selirus is in the midst of the Zek quest lines which I quite enjoy.

Still, there have been some challenges.  A swashbuckler, in his chain armor, isn’t exacltly the best toe-to-toe fighter in the game, but at least he has a lot of special melee attack.  Killing the other guy quickly is a simple way to avoid taking damage yourself.

A ranger has fewer options when it comes to melee, so it took me a bit to change the pace of my battles.  Getting the hang of rooting and running a bit so I can get in one of my good ranged attacks has taken some time.  Having evac has come in handy while I have been learning.

But there is one thing I really do like about my ranger.  With only a few AA points to invest, I have been able to improve his pathfinding skill quite a bit.

Look at his pathfinding speed bonus.


46%!  You have to spend some plat on a horse to get that sort of speed.

And he is only level 39 at this point, so he can still look forward to another boost when he is able to put on his journeyman’s boots at level 42.

So even when he cannot use evac, he can still get away from most situations by just breaking his encounter and running.  And while I do not mind horses and other mounts, it is nice to fight unmounted as the animations are much better.