The LOTRO Horse Dialog

Maybe I should have named this blog “The Home of Petty MMO Grievances?”  I seem to be carping about a lot of little things of late.

On the other hand, the fact that these little things matter to me is usually a reflection of my involvement with the game.  I want a game I like to be just a little bit better.

Anyway, my gripe of the moment involves the dialog box that comes up when you take a horse trip between stable masters in Lord of the Rings Online.  I am still ten levels and four gold coins away from being able to buy my own horse, but I am getting to the point where the 15 silver to travel quickly to keep my group from waiting is not a huge sacrifice. 

I am on a horse a little more often these days in Middle-earth.  As usual, I like to take screen shots of the things I do in game, and a dwarf on a horse is certainly worthy of a screen shot in my book.

However, when you are travelling between stable masters in LOTRO, your screen shot potential is shot.  You get to see this:


Yes, that stupid little dialog box is fixed in place in the middle of your screen while you ride.

Now who thought that was a good idea?  Where was the precedent for such a thing?

The only other game I know where you can jump off of a game controlled mount is EverQuest II, and SOE apparently felt that no similar alert was required.  If you want off a griffon, you just hit the space bar for jump, and off you go.

I guess that could come as a bit of a surprise if you hit space bar by accident mid-flight.  It is not problem for my fae, who just glides on down, or my ranger with his safe fall, but I could see ogre guardians having a hard time.

It looks like it will be at least another ten levels before I can get a decent riding picture in LOTRO.

11 thoughts on “The LOTRO Horse Dialog

  1. Brenden

    You can move that out of the way, just hit Ctrl+\ and drag the bar labeled “horse dismount window” (or something to that effect). Hit Ctrl+\ again to return your UI to normal.

    I put mine up next to my radar, well away from anything I might be clicking.


  2. Ethic

    I thought F12 hid it along with the rest of the GUI, but perhaps I am wrong. Otherwise, the suggestion above is what I was going to say as well.


  3. Talyn

    Ditto, I was gonna jump in and ask how it’s been this long and you didn’t know about CTRL+\ yet =) but I see Brenden jumped on it first.

    The dismount box doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the default setting of having the vertical Alerts box overlapping the Quest Tracker box. At least we have a dismount box. How often in WoW did we wish we could get off that damn gryphon or hippogryph?


  4. Melmoth

    Anyway, my gripe of the moment involves the dialog box that comes up when you take a horse trip between stable masters

    I gripe a lot too, and I was wondering if Gripe Water would cure this as well as the traditional ailments. If it were an MMO potion we’d quaff it in the blink of an eye.

    I’m willing to let you sacrifice yourself and try it in the name of science.

    Let us know how it goes!


  5. Bildo

    I think it does indeed go away with F12 for UI hiding, Wil.

    Also, to burst your bubble, when you get that mount, you’ll have a blue bar along the bottom of the screen instead. Still hideable with F12 though, I believe.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The ulterior motive of this blog is to find out the answer to things I am too lazy or stupid to figure out on my own!

    There was a reason I wanted th UI on but the dialog moved… but I cannot remember it now. It was nearly two weeks ago when I took this screen shot in anticipation of bitching about it.

    Anyway, sticking that dialog in the middle of the screen is lame, screen shots or not. It just bugs me. Thanks for the tips on moving it.


  7. yunk

    Cool I wanted to know how to move it but, even lazier, I waited for you to blog about it so I could read about the answer!

    Your laziness cannot compare to mine! I am the lazy king!


  8. dprijadi

    use the CTRL + \ key to move your UI element around

    i moved my Destiny Point display and Mount Button to the Right Bottom area and put my #4 and #5 Toolbar vertically on the Right side of screen (like WoW’s toolbar hehe)

    Adjusting LOOT drop area can be helpful if lot of item drop happen when you fight.

    CTRL + \ key UI Adjustment feature is the most useful thing in LOTRO UI :)


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