A Career in Asteroid Mining

The 14 day trial expired on my second EVE Online account so I converted it to a live account with all the rights and benefits thus accorded.

This made me a bit cranky.  I know I am being unreasonable, but it annoys me that you have to pay $19.95 for the first month of EVE Online. 

After all, I did not have to buy the game off the shelf to play, I just downloaded it, so I am ahead in the deal, at least compared to most other MMOs. 

There is just something about that extra “initiation fee” first month price that irks me.  Not enough to stop me from paying it, for the second time.  Just enough for me to whine about it a bit.

With EVE Online though, they might get enough people dropping out after first month that they need the extra $5.00.  Space is vast and pitiless.

On the plus side, I think Brent at VirginWorlds gets a cut, since I used the link from his site to create the trial account… both of my trial accounts, actually.

And I can send myself some money from the other account now.  Go me.

Which was good, because I wanted to buy the new guy that Osprey cruiser for more advanced mining operations.  So Wilhelm, my main, fronted him the money, which he ended up making back rather quickly.

It seems you can actually make money mining.  Not huge money, at least not without a bigger time investment than I want to make at the moment, but decent money.  I had trained up his mining and refining related skills along the way, so his yield is decent at the moment.  It did not take too many runs in a system where I was able to find and mine some plagioclase asteroids to make up the cash invested in the new ship.

It is a bit tedious though. 

Mining doesn’t require enough attention that I can focus only that.

But it requires enough attention that I if I am mining on my laptop and playing LOTRO or EQ2 on my desktop, my ship spends a lot of time waiting for me to look over and take care of the next step.

Undock, warp out to my bookmark, target, start my mining lasers, then do a few fights with my ranger in Steamfont.

Look over, see the cargo bay is full, select the local station I am using, click dock, go back to my ranger.

Glance over again, see that I am in the station, unload my cargo bay, undock, and off I go again. 

There is a bit of excitement.  Once in a while a pair of pirates will spawn and attack me.

All I have for weapons on the Osprey is a standard missile launcher.  In fact, everything I have on it at the moment are items that were drops, so my investment is completely in the Osprey hull.

But the Osprey is tough.  One of the items equipped is a small shield recharger.  So as I mine and slowly fire off missiles at the pirates… or rats… pirates in EVE are generally considered to be players, while NPC pirates are called “rats”… I just recharge the shield if it drops below 50%.  It rarely happens though.  The ship has yet to take any damage outside of bringing down the shields a bit.

So back and forth I go, piling up ore to refine. 

5 thoughts on “A Career in Asteroid Mining

  1. syncaine

    If you made the 2nd account a pure miner from the start, he should start with some impressive skills already, right? I made one just to test, and I believe he has mining 5 and refining 4 or 5, plus other industry skills.

    I believe I might set a 2nd account like that up soon. My main is all combat skills, and it would be nice to do some mining while playing Poker online.


  2. CrazyKinux

    What! You didn’t use my link!!! Arggghhhh!!! lol

    Good for you Brent. with all of you getting second accounts, you’ve got me seriously thinking of doing so. I’ve always wanted to have a character in the trading business. Maybe I should.

    Now for a name…..


  3. kibble

    Train caldari cruiser to V and it is as if you have twice as many mining lasers due to the bonuses. Also, step up to miner IIs ASAP.

    Also instead of the mine dock repeat method you seem to be using I’d recommend JC mining. This is when you find an abandoned system. mine a single cycle worth of ore and jettison it. It will leave a big container in space with 27,500m3 of cargo space. Name this container something like “lolcats ore 21:45**that should be the eve time it was jettisoned at**” continue mining and after each cycle drag the ore into the can. The named can will stay in space about 1:30 to 2 hours. After an hour or however long you are comfortable with has elapsed you simply bookmark the can. Go to a station, get out your industrial ship and start hauling the ore back. You make a far higher amount of money this way.

    Feel free to convo me in game. The name is Zaisig Murakk


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Thanks for the input Kibble!

    I have upgraded to miner IIs since I wrote this and have been using the jet can method, though with two accounts, my main account already having the skills to fly a Badger. I describe my method in the post “Gang Initiation.” (I just had to use that title, despite the fact the post is mostly about mining.)

    I have not gone beyond Caldari Cruiser I however. I was building up refining effeciency skills, but that should be done by the end of the week.

    I probably won’t go to Cruiser V though, as if I get to Industry V (at IV currently) I can start in on ORE Mining Barges and be in a Retriever in about a week, though it will take a bit longer to get the skills for Strip Miners.


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    As a follow up, I trained Caldari Cruiser up from I to III and the yield of my 3 Miner II lasers went up from 850 plagioclase per 30 second cycle to 1035. So you are certainly correct in the efficiency gained by training up that skill!


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