Daily Archives: August 17, 2007

A Rumor of Sarnak!

Qeynos Harbor is buzzing with rumors that Sarnak have been spotted on the high seas and that they attacked the QSS Leaky Drake!  Those on the QSS Starfish who witnessed the attack have brought the news back.


Of course not everybody is convinced.


If you are in Qeynos Harbor, you should ask Theyeurn Farael what is going on.  Sarnak indeed!

Gang Initiation

I have been fooling around with EVE Online for a few months and Wednesday night was the first time I actually formed a group.

Or a gang rather.

That is what a group is called in EVE Online.

Having made back the cost of the Osprey over the course of a few hours the other night, I decided to see how things would go with two ships doing the mining run.

I logged on to EVE with my new guy on my laptop.  One nice thing about EVE Online is that it runs pretty well on my Thinkpad T43.

I sent him out to start mining in place using the “jet can” method.

“Jet can” is the term for jettisoning your harvested ore, which spontaneously forms a storage can in space. (Right-click on the ore in your cargo bay, select “jettison.”)  The insta-formed can is able to hold a lot more ore than my osprey.  A lot more.  27,000 cubic meters, if I recall correctly.

And once the can is formed, you can keep dumping more and more ore in it.  You just open it up and drag from your own cargo bay into the can.  So I set to work mining and canning ore with one account.

Then I logged on with Wilhelm on my desktop computer.  He was in the same system and had just purchased the Caldari industrial hauling ship known as a Badger.  Outfitted with loot from missions, I had him form a gang with my miner and fly the Badger out to start unloading the can and flying ore back to the station.

My daughter, who is fascinated with all of my games, came in to watch and volunteered to drag ore from the Osprey into the can while I hauled ore back and forth.

We were in the midst of a rich set of plagioclase asteroids.  There were a couple of other people also mining and they tended to take care of the rats that spawned every so often.  Not that the rats are very dangerous.  The single standard missile launcher on the Osprey can handle them.  But the pirates can be annoying, as they tend to pick off my mining drones.  Even with others firing on the rats and the support of the 75mm gun on the Badger, they still managed to take out one drone.  Well, drones are cheap.

Here are my two ships at work.


You can see the awkwardly shaped Osprey mining away while the big Badger sits on station, loading up more ore.

My daughter was very impressed with the fact that you could see one ship from the other on either computer screen.

So we mined and hauled for about 30 minutes until it was bed time for my daughter and I had to run off and read her a story.  I hauled the last load, we docked both ships, and went off to the bed time routine.

After my daughter was asleep, I came back on, refined the ore we harvested and ended up selling the byproducts for a little over two million ISK, which certainly paid off the 400K I spent on the Badger and then some.

As a total amount of ISK, I have made more solo so far.  In the measurement of ISK per hour though, this was my richest haul yet.

I have read that the insta-formed cans from jettisoning cargo disappear, taking everything inside with them, in 90-120 minutes, so you will want to refresh your can every so often.  The can itself will go *poof* once it is empty, so to refresh the can, just empty then make a new one.

So, a profitable evening.  I did not learn much about working in a gang, other than you get yet another window in your overview that shows the gang members.  That allows you to travel directly to them.  I am sure there is much more to it when it comes to combat.