Corporate Mismanagement

I created a corporation in EVE Online about a week and a half back.

If you are not familiar with EVE Online, a corporation is, in a very basic sense, the equivalent of a guild in most other MMOs.

But no MMO I have played has ever had a guild structure like EVE Online.  EVE Corporations make the relatively deep guild functionality in EverQuest II seem stone simple.  And World of Warcraft guilds?  It does not seem to be on the same continuum of complexity relative to EVE.

Unlike other MMOs, you do not need to line up 6 of your friends at the registrars office or get 10 people to sign you petition.  In EVE you just need to have the skill Corporation Management and the ISK to pay the start up fee. 

I happened to have already trained the skill.  You need Corporation Management in order to train Anchoring, which is what allows you to deal with containers in space and which I apparently felt I might need at some point.

And I had the 1.6 million ISK for the fee.

I clicked the corporation button on the neocon (the button bar on the left side of the window) and clicked the button to create a new corporation.

And thus was the Twilight Cadre (ticker: tcxx) born again, this time in space. 


First home: School of Applied Knowledge at Todaki VI

Of course I did not know what I was doing.  But I like to dig around in the games I play, and since corporations are a very big part of EVE, I thought I might experiment with one.

Corporations are complicated.  No, really, compared to a lot of the interface elements of EVE Online, the corporation interface is not intuitive. 

Did I mention I have no idea what I am doing?  Well, the corporation interface isn’t helping me much.

And neither is the EVE Online Player’s Guide entry on corporations.  The guide starts off saying, “The technical aspect of managing a corporation of any size is a walk in the park after a quick familiarization.”

If only it actually offered that “quick familiarization” which promises to make corporation management easy.  Instead, the guide tells you how to start a corp (which I figured out on my own), defines a few terms, then jumps off into wars, alliances, and standings.

Sure, wars, alliances, and standings are the fun bits, but the guide does not really go into depth about things like “now I have created a corp, what should I do next?”

I figured that renting office space would be a good next step.  As I understand it, that rented space allows your corporation to have shared hangers, thus making it easy to shift equipment and raw materials back and forth among players.  I suppose there are easier ways to do this, but all I could figure out was the new(ish) contracts method, which is more complicated than I want, and costs money for each transaction as well.

Office space in Todaki was running at 16 million ISK a month.  That seemed like a lot to me.  I know I could make up that amount of cash mining, but I would rather save some of that money for other things.

I had been flying missions out of Hageken for a bit, since I found a high quality agent there.  So headed out to check the price of office space.  I am not sure how pricing is calculated (pure supply/demand, security rating of the system, proximity to Jita), but in Hageken office space was under 2 million ISK a month.  I have since demonstrated that I can make that much money in about 30 minutes, so it seemed like a deal.

New Home: Hageken V – Moon 2 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

As it turned out, Hageken is a good location for mining as well.  My previous posts on mining have all taken place in the Hageken system.

To rent that office though, I had to figure out how to put money in the corporate account.  That took a few minutes.

The corporation has a wallet, or several wallets really, just like you do as an individual.  When you start a corporation, your wallet gets a tab on it that gives you access to the corporate wallet.  There is a button in the corporation wallet labeled “give money” that lets you put money into the corp.

Of course, if you are looking in the corporation window, the location of that button might not be obvious.

Eventually I figured this out, put money in the corp, and rented some office space.

Of course, then I had to get my new guy out to Hageken to apply to join the corp.  Once in, I made him a director, which seemed to give him access to just about everything.  Of course, Hageken turned out to be ideal for mining and once I dragged flew the Osprey out there I settled him in for a long stay.

I also conned Potshot out to the 0.5 security perils of Hageken and made him a director as well.  I will have to figure out ranks and access works before I invite anybody I do not know well into the corp.  Directors can just pick up all the corp assets and walk away with them.

So Twilight Cadre has some hangar space out in a nice mining location.  Now I have to figure out what else I should be doing with the corp.

Fortunately, Warp Drive Active #7 showed up on iTunes last night.  The show summary lists the following:

We wanted to do a noob guide for starting a corporation, but frankly we know nothing about how to. Thankfully Crovan is on hand to give all the details.

So in a case of excellent timing, I may get answers to some of my corporation questions. 

I started listening to the show, but the ride into the office today was pretty short, so all I heard was that my WDA T-shirt is on the way and that Urban Mongral has been recommeding Goonswarm to people who crave immediate PVP action in EVE.

[And I also ran across this page on starting up a corp in EVE just this afternoon.]

5 thoughts on “Corporate Mismanagement

  1. p@tsh@t

    First order of business is to designate an agent for service of process in 0.0 space…

    Then, for corporate governance purposes, we’ll need an unbiased third party to serve as an independent director to avoid conflicts of interest, cronyism and nepotism. I nominate my wife or, if you prefer, a guy I know named Vinny who owes me a few favors and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Even with the latest tutorial, there is still something of a defensive perimeter around the game that requires some effort and determination to get past.

    My first attempt last year barely got me over the first hurdle. This time around I am somewhat more involved. But really, it seems that you have to make a friends, join a corp, and get really involved to get deep into the game.

    It doesn’t require a raiding guild level of commitment, but it requires more than WoW or even EQ2 to get into.

    I’m trying, but time hasn’t been that free for me of late, and when time does free up, I still like to play EQ2 and LOTRO as well. Too much!


  3. kibble

    Wahay, goonswarm. I fight for them. Also it’s easiest (i find) way to make money is ratting. In 0.0 space a single rats bounty is between 500,000 and 1.75 million. Of course these rats are battleships, but the fact that the loot they drop often adds about 50% to the price (when reprocessed) makes it worth it.


  4. Kowl Osgan

    As I understand it, the basic cost to rent an office is 10k isk a month. If all slots at a station are ever filled then an exponential increase to the fee starts. This continues each day until a space becomes free.

    I do not know if fees reduce over time if slots are kept empty though.

    (If this shows up twice I apologise, it didnt seem to submit the first time)


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