Daily Archives: August 21, 2007

Tabula Rasa Beta Forum Access!

Yes, they seem to have resolved the issue that resulted in the error:

500 Server closed connection without sending any data back

every time you tried to create a new user account on the Tabula Rasa Beta.

Still, I had an odd time getting logged in.  You get access to the board by logging in with your PlayNC account.  You are then asked to enter a forum name and password.  But when it comes time to actually log into the forums, you use your PlayNC account name, but the forum password.

That seemed a bit odd, or at least counter-intuitive to me. 

I would expect to either log into the forums with a separate account, as Turbine requires with Lord of the Rings Online, or log in with my PlayNC account and just have a forum name that was different from my login name, as it is done on the SOE forums.  Instead, there was a third, mixed path.

Still, I figured it out and I am in.

Play On: Guild Name Generator

Over at Play On Quanatic Foundry, they have found through the research of data from World of Warcraft that 90% of guild names follow a specific set of patterns.  This has allowed them to create a Guild Name Generator that uses a weighted dictionary based on WoW guild names.  If you go to the page linked, it will create 10 guild names for you.  Hit refresh to see 10 more.

Some detail about how the name generator functions is on the Play On Quanatic Foundry site here.

The names generated certainly “feel” like WoW guild names.  I wonder how many of them end up being the names of actual guilds.

For now, I am going to run out and check on “Twinks of Samurai Tea Guard.”

Addendum Sep. 19, 2018: This article has been updated to point to the guild name generator’s new home at Quantic Foundry.