Daily Archives: August 22, 2007

Beware of “Free” Cans

Put this under the heading of “Just Plain Mean.”

I had docked at the School of Applied Knowledge in the Todaki system after picking up a few skills the other night.  Friday night I undocked to head back to headquarters and was greeted with this in my overview.


Todaki is, of course, noob central.  If you are Caldari, you end up here for skills and tutorial missions.

And a noob will be unlikely to know that a yellow colored cargo container belongs to somebody else, especially if that somebody else has taken the time to rename it something like “Free items! Take it!”

Of course, if you steal from somebody elses cargo container… regardless of what it is named… you get flagged red to that individual and he can kill you without any repercussions. 

So somebody was out for a Friday night game of “smack the noobs.”  You can see a couple of wrecked Ibis frigates on the overview as well, so targets were available.  Zyionix needed a couple of lessons in “don’t touch the yellow cans” I guess.

That is just the nature of a wide open game like EVE Online.

I am just surprised that there is no EVE version of Three Card Monte going on in Todaki or Jita.