Daily Archives: August 24, 2007

Rocket Elf!

Selirus is now a level 42 Ranger, which means he gets to wear his Journeyman’s Boots!

Mistrunners? Nightmares? Spirit Steeds? Hover Platforms?  I now wave at them all as I pass, for look how fast I am:


Seriously, my ranger looks comically fast as he passes some guy on his flying carpet.  56%!  Wheee!

That is almost too fast for the lag-fest of Qeynos Harbor though.  I have already ended up in the water by overshooting the turn to the vendor who sells the tickets to Thundering Steppes and Nek forest.

Having hit 42, I also made Selirus a full set (minus boots) of ebon chain armor, matching imbued ebon weapons, a nice new imbued cedar longbow, and a full set of rhodium jewelry.  I just need a new cloak and he will be set for the next 10 levels.

Of course, the gear and speed upgrade made me cocky.  I managed to get myself killed in Feerrott almost immediately by trying to just run through a lot more mobs than I should have. I have stealth.  I could have just used that to sneak by them.  But no, I was high on the 56% speed boost.

Feerrott is my current questing area.  I managed to blow right past Feer with Blintz.  By the time I remembered to bring him there, almost all of the quests had gone grey.  This time I won’t make that mistake.  And that is the great thing about alts, you can do better the second… or third… or fifth… time around.

Also, Selirus has no heritage quests done as yet.  Since Gaff has appeared back in Norrath again (so I had best change that disparaging guild MOTD) and is running up one of his alts, we should be able to knock out a few of those and get the guild on its way to level 40.

And did I mention how fast Selirus is?