Daily Archives: August 25, 2007

The Two Client Blue-Screen Blues

This week I spent some time trying to run two EVE Online clients on my machine at home.

I dug around a bit on the forums and came across a few threads with the same basic advice: Just install another copy of the client and everything should be fine.

So I did that.

And things did work fine… for a little while.

The problems seems to be that the threads I read on the subject were a bit out of date.  They are from a time when EVE Online’s settings were stored in a directory relative to the executable.

That, of course, changed somewhere along the path to Revelations II.

You know this if you have tried to find a screenshot from the game.

CCP has taken a few sips of the Microsoft Kool-Aid.  The whole support of Windows Vista and DX10 has forced them to adhere to some of the Microsoft standard practices.

For example, all settings and such are now stored under the “My Documents” directory.

So about 10-15 minutes into running two clients Windows puts up a blue screen.  Not the blue screen of death.  No, this was more the blue screen of “something crazy was happening so we took down your system for your protection.”

Scanning through the data it throws up (pun intended) on the screen, it looks like both EVE clients were trying to write data to the same file.

So I am back to running one account on my laptop and one on my desktop until I find a solution for this.

Has anybody seen some up-to-date information about running two clients on a single box?