EQuinox Arrives!

EQuinox, The Official EverQuest II Magazine, Issue #1, arrived in the mail today.

First Impressions:

  • It sure is thin.
  • Look at that cover… dark elves… can’t read this in public.
  • 66 Pages… is that it?
  • Hey, I know Cyanbane and Adele… and I’ve read Aggro Me!
  • It is nice and glossy… but so thin…
  • Oooh, contact high from the freshly printed paper…
  • Didn’t that old SOE magazine have dark elves on it’s first cover too?
  • No computer equipment ads…
  • Is EON this thin?  How many pages was the last copy of EON?
  • Crap, is there a Rise of Kunark beta key in here somewhere?
  • I think it was the same dark elves… wasn’t it?
  • Do we have a postal scale? I need to weigh this thing.
  • I don’t think EQ2i is at that URL any more.
  • What is it with the dark elves?
  • Holy Crap! Look at that back cover! EQ2-Daily to the max!
  • This thing must weigh less than a Big Mac
  • Who else was in this issue… somebody… who was it?
  • Nearly $19… this thing costs more per pound than steak!

Now to go read the actual content. 

Someplace where nobody can see the cover.

Even my wife.

Especially my wife.

4 thoughts on “EQuinox Arrives!

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I’m not sure I would risk being seen at the office carrying a magazine featuring a scantily clad dark elf on the cover into the bathroom.

    Especially if I planned to settle in for a good read.

    It might lead to difficult questions.


  2. KevinC

    Even though I’m not actually playing EQ2 right now, I thought about subscribing to this magazine just for historical/collector purposes if nothing else. Plus to see what Adele will write heh.

    I wonder if someone ripped out some of the pages – maybe the dark elf centerfold??

    Let us know what you think of the actual content. That may sway me in my own decision.


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