A State of Ore

For the moment at least, I appear to have crossed a barrier in EVE Online.  For the last few nights I have been logging into EVE to play for at least an hour.

That barrier was the feeling of accomplishment.

A lot of my time in EVE Online up to this point has been spent thrashing about trying to figure out what to do.  I tend to be a goal oriented person (love quests, right?) and I really did not have any concrete goals in EVE.

Missions are fine, but they are too short to fill that sense of purpose.  And faction, while important, is such a long term thing that it is difficult for me to stay focused.

Then I got rolling in asteroid mining.  In his “Quick Thoughts About EVE” post, Potshot has a good description of the impression I think both of us have had recently when it comes to the EVE version of resource harvesting.  It scales with skill and equipment.  And you can make money at it.  How unique!

In fact, I make a lot more money mining than I can currently make running level I missions.

With the Osprey in an asteroid belt mining and jet canning continuously while my hauler makes pick up runs, I end up making what seems to me to be a lot of ISK.

And what do I plan to do with all of that ISK?  To paraphrase Mr. Burns, “Make more ISK!”

Which has given me a plan with a series of goals.  Just to the thing to keep me engaged. 

First I started picking up more learning skills.  My miner already has all of the base learning skills up to level four.  Now with the second tier learning skills I am able to speed up his progress towards flying an ORE mining barge.  I was hesitant before, as those skills run 4.5 million ISK a piece, but now I am making enough to afford it.

I also started scanning the market for strip miners so I can equip the barge.

I will face some choices soon though.

With my current training plan, I will be able to get into the smallest of the ORE mining barges, the Procurer, by Friday.

If I wait another day and a half, I will have the skills to fly the next barge up, the Retriever.

But if I want to fly the aptly named Covetor, I have a good 46 days left to go because it requires Mining Barge IV and V (5 + 24 days) and Astrogeology V (14 days) to get there.

I think the choice of ships is easy enough.  I should go for the Retriever this weekend.  Now I have to figure out how to equip it.

Ironically, by the time I get to the point that I can fly the Covetor I will be literally a day and a half from being able to fly the largest ORE exhumer ship, the Hulk

Then I will pwn asteroids!

And then I will have to come up with another plan.

8 thoughts on “A State of Ore

  1. Debes

    Mining can scale, but it — at least for me — isn’t very much of a reward, and the isk you can make is rather limited in the end. Level 1 missions don’t make much isk, but threes do, and 4s just rake it in with a raven.

    I will repost my offer of helping you out with missions or just flying with you. :)


  2. trigger64

    Oh boy.. I didn’t realize that wordpress nuked tables.. so you can delete my last comment.

    Give it a look here, and let me know if you’ve got any questions.


  3. Adhar Khorin

    Good God, man, don’t buy the Procurer! Wait the extra day, buy the Retriever. And FYI, if you’re mining, then you might just save some of those minerals and just build the ships yourself, it will save you some ISK. The same goes for the strip miners, now that the bp’s are seeded for them.

    By way of comparison, if you’ve got someone to haul for you, a Covetor pilot should be able to pull in something like 8-10 million ISK an hour in empire pulling Kernite.

    Mind-numbing? Yeees, if you’re mining solo. Personally I do home finances, web design, photoshop stuff, and other miscellany while the lasers cycle.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Okay, I repent of even mentioning the Procurer. It is an old habit from working in software development for 20 years. Engineers are never allowed to make the final decision, just provide alternatives. So we always provide one obviously correct choice (i.e. get the Retriever) and two bad alternatives (i.e. buy a crappy ship 22 hours earlier or wait a month and a half in an Osprey waiting for the Covetor).

    As for building things, I was thinking about that earlier. I just have no clue as to blueprints and from where they spring. I should probably look into that.

    I did some mining the other night while doing the bills, and another batch while I say on a conference call. I can’t wait for the 3 minute cycle of strip miners. Can you make them go *beep* after every cycle?


  5. Mike De Groote

    It is a good idea to skip the procurer for the retriever.
    But i do have a comment on the suggested retriever setup.
    There is no reason to put cargo hold expanders on that ship or the rigs for more space. you want to put a mining upgrade there and a coprocessor to run it so you increase your mining yield.
    In mining it’s not your cargohold that counts but the amount of ore you can suck out off the belts in one cycle.Cargo is the haulers problem. you just dump you ore in a jet can or a secured container.
    the faster (more ) you mine the more money.
    And if you realy want to go a step further go for mining forman skill( 2% mining yield boost per level) .Only prob you need to be atleast two in a fleet to gain the bonus (alt in a hauler?? :) )


  6. Suggestion

    On the previous setup suggestion I’d recommend putting 2 Light Scout Drones in there. This will keep you safe enough above .5, as you can effectively swat off the rats there. Not only that, mining drone amount is pretty small (15m3, unskilled, per minute plus travel time).

    I also like the cargo expanders myself. For me, 1 cycle of both strip miners fills just under 1700m3, with a cargo hold of 2000 m3, that’s not much room left if you miss moving ore out after both miners cycle. With the 2 expanders I have, it’s just under 3300m3 capacity, which is nearly 2 full cycles. Not only that, if you have better mining skills and user T2 Strip Miners as well as an MLU, you just might fill up on one full cycle. Of course, you can stagger the cycles so you move ore after each strip miner cycles, but it means more paying attention.

    If your going for the absolute maximum payload, and paying most of your attention to the game, then that’s probably the best option, but if yer watching movies and mining in the background, I like the expanders. :)


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