Messing with

I found a minor bug in the other day.

It seems, when it comes to the tag pages, if you are the featured blog, it will show your latest post for that tag, even if it is still a draft.

I reported this to the staff and got a nice note back thanking me for informing them of this and stating that they would get it fixed as soon as they could.

Not that this is an earth shattering, service disrupting issue.

Still, I couldn’t resist screwing around with it.  Somehow I am the featured blog for the tag EVE Online.

Well, not somehow.  I’ve spewed out the most posts with that tag.  As far as I can tell, that is all it takes.

So I took the current draft of an upcoming post and put a silly comment at the top, so that it would show up in the featured blog section at the top of the page.


Some day soon this bug will be fixed.  But here I have recorded it for posterity.

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