Warp Drive Active Shirt Arrives!

All the way from the UK, the shirt I won as part of the science fiction quote contest in Warp Drive Active Episode #5.

Here I am in the back yard, or garden, modelling the newly arrived shirt.


Any sign of middle-age mid-section spread is just an illusion caused by the cartoon on the front of the shirt.  Urban Mongral chose a button front shirt to accommodate my over-sized neck.  Thanks much!

The shirt itself features a print of Warp Drive Active (the cartoon) #116.  I chose this particular cartoon for the shirt because it is pretty funny and has a more universal message.  Somebody who did not play EVE Online would still “get it.”

On the back of the shirt they printed my EVE Online (first) name and the Warp Drive Active *PEW PEW PEW* logo.


I will have to find an appropriate event to which to wear this shirt.  Perhaps if we can get an EVE Online piss-up here in the San Francisco Bay Area going at last.  Lots of people posted “me too” on that thread in the forums, but not much else has been shaking.

Or maybe I will save it for GDC 2008 up in San Francisco.

Thanks to Urban Mongral and Winterblink of the Warp Drive Active podcast, part of the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective.

4 thoughts on “Warp Drive Active Shirt Arrives!

  1. Urban Mongral

    Cool, it arrived in one peice then!

    I can confirm that I put an evil M. C. Escher-esque optical illusion to give the impression of middle aged spread on Wilhelm’s adonis like figure.

    We are such griefter!


    P.S. Are you going to EVE Fanfest? That would be a good place to wear it too!


  2. crazykinux

    Congrats on the shirt Wilhelm. Now where the hell is mine guys!!! I’ve got a Player Meet in Montreal on the 22nd and would love to show it off!!!

    Seriously though, much deserved Wilhelm.



  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    EVE Fanfest. No, I won’t be able to make that. The property I am standing on in the above picture is different than the one ever-so-barely-visible in the background of my avatar. We moved back in April, and as you can see, I even had to sell my moustache to help make the payments.

    So our (wife, daughter, self) travel budget for the next year or so is mostly tied up in a visit to my mother. Okay, she live in Hawaii, so it isn’t exactly torture to visit, but it does cost.

    And the picture of me with the shirt has a pretty rare feature: me smiling.

    Not that I don’t smile. I just have this problem that as soon as somebody says “smile” and I start thinking about it, I completely lose the ability to smile.


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