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August in Review

The Site

This is my twelfth month in review post, which must mean that this blog is approaching a one year anniversary some time soon.  I don’t think I will do a similar “year in review” post. I will save that for the calendar year.  But I have been thinking about what goofy metrics for the last twelve months I can put together.

August has been quite a busy month for traffic to the site, and this week in particular has been very strong.  No records set for page views on a given day, but the average number over the last few days is higher than normal.  The increase in traffic seems to be mostly due to my having two posts up about the Tabula Rasa beta.  Currently if you Google “tabula rasa beta forum,” one of my posts is the top item.

Also for August, I will have to check with CrazyKinux to see who won his August Challenge.  Does the winner get a shirt?

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Best Search Terms of the Month

ONline gaming depresses me

[I figure this was my wife.]

Best Spam Comment Title

cash fast make money

[I haven’t seen a “make money fast” message slip through a spam filter in ages!  Next I’ll see something about the “Good Times” virus.]

EVE Online

This has been my #1 game for the month of August, which surprises even me.  It is a sure sign that I have found a hook in the game to keep me interested.  I have been primarily involved with mining and refining ore and selling it on the market.  I have also spent some time running missions just to keep my faction going up with the Caldari State.

I have generated a little bit of interest in the game with some friends of mine, so we might actually get somebody else in our little test corp.

And speaking of corps, I do need to find some good “how to” items on corporations.   The little corp that Potshot and I run is useful and we’re fine with us and our alts all being director level, but it would be nice to know what we’re doing.  The corporation interface is not… intuitive.  At least I do not find it so.

Also, a few people have very nicely left comments about actually helping out in-game.  I haven’t responded to any of those, partly out of laziness, but mostly because my play schedule for EVE has been pretty irregular.  I think the Twilight Cadre will have to create a public channel so people can drop in and say hi.

EverQuest II

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have been playing so much EVE, I would have been on a tear in EQ2 with my ranger.  Even without spending too much time in game, Selirus is up to level 43.

I have not touched Blintz, my swashbuckler, all month.  He is still sitting at level 57.  Now that Gaff is back playing EQ2 and levelling up two more alts, I think my best bet is to hook up with him when he gets those two in their 50s (they are approaching level 20 I hear and will no doubt be 40 before I get home from work today) and try to ride the Gaff level elevator into the 60s at least.

Other EQ2 related items on my mind:

EQuinox – will have to dig into it this weekend.

The new Station Launcher – Where is it?  Or when is it?

Support – SOE STILL has not gotten back on my support ticket regarding sales tax charged for my copy of EQuinox.  I guess I am going to have to kiss that $1.07 good bye.  But worse than that, this isn’t the first time I have had a support ticket go unanswered by SOE.

Lord of the Rings Online

The neglected MMO.  We had another fellowship fiasco Saturday night where we took on a quest in the North Downs that was beyond the capability of the four of us.  Since then life has gotten in the way a bit, at least for me, so we have really just worked on a series of smaller quests in the North Downs.  Nomu is up to level 27, but I have not done anything with my alts and I have not paid much attention to trade skills.

Tabula Rasa

I bought the $5 pre-order box off the shelf at Fry’s.  For a preview of the game, it is totally worth it.  The game itself is interesting.  The controls are different until you get used to them.  I am not sure if it will end up being something I want to play long term, but I have had fun for the few nights I played.  Of course, I have broken the NDA with a couple of items in comments appended to my two posts on the game, so NCSoft will probably banish me from the game.


Sonic and the Secret Rings.  What a crappy game, mostly because it doesn’t use the Wii remote very effectively at all.  But my daughter thinks “Hedgie” (Sonic) is cool and enjoys playing the mini games.  We had this game out from GameFly for a month before I finally convinced her to let me send it back.

Now we have a GameCube game, MarioKart Double Dash. This was recommended by a co-worker.  Only I cannot figure out how to make it work.  Do you need actual, wired, GameCube controllers to play GameCube games on a Wii?  I suppose I had better get out the manual.


Hey, I was on Shut Up We’re Talking #6 along with a lot of other people.  I’m the one who spoke the least I think.  Which was probably a good thing for all concerned.  My run on even numbered shows is probably at an end.  Darren and Adele will be recording #8 tonight or tomorrow I bet, and I won’t be a part of it.  I’d probably talk about EVE too much.

I have been off the podcast wagon somewhat this month.  Everybody is out of town, so my commute to work has been very short.  That and titles from my two-books-a-month Audible.com subscription are starting to pile up, so I have been catching up on Len Deighton at the expense of MMOs. (Two more Bernard Sampson books to go.)

Even so, I never miss an episode or VirginWorlds (at least when Brent is hosting) or Warp Drive Active (EVE is what I have been playing, plus they gave me a free shirt).


So was I right last month when I said there would be more EVE coverage?

Probably more of that, plus something to commemorate one year.

I read a book about Virtual Worlds this month.  I should probably turn that into a post.

Plus, my wife bought my daughter an online game… and regretted it within hours.  That tale of woe coming up in September.