Mammoth Undertaking

While my miner was working his way towards a mining barge, I was also working on the hauling end of the equation.

While the Badger is a competent freighter, it is a bit on the small side.  Halada, in his Complete Miner’s Guide recommends the Mimmtar Mammoth for a hauler, so I went that route.  The Gallente Iteron V does beat the Mammoth in capacity, but it requires Gallente Industrial V to fly, while the Mammoth only needs Mimtar Industrial IV.  So I chose the somewhat more nimble Mammoth two weeks earlier.

Here is my new Mammoth.


EVE is so good for screen shots.

The Mammoth, now dubbed “Twilight M&S,” is equipped with:

Miner II – I stuck a rail gun on my badger at first, but the time to lock a target was so long that the Osprey had usually made the kill before I got a lock.  So I figured that my hauler out to make itself useful while hanging about.

Salvager I – Just to maximize my rat kills.  I loot the full ones and salvage all the remains.  I do not quite get what the salvaged stuff is good for, but people are buying it on the market, so who am I to complain.  It paid for itself with my first two successful salvage attempts.  I netted 4 burned logic circuits, which seem to be in demand.

10 MN Afterburner – I had a bunch of 1MN afterburners sitting in storage, but they added so little thrust to this big boy that I opted for the 10MN unit to pick up the pace.

Shield Recharger I – Something I had in storage.  Free is the best deal.

Small Capacitor Battery – I think I have a dozen stashed away.  I should do something with all these rat drops.  I get my act together and sell them on the market once in a while.

Survey Scanner I – Best drop ever.  This just shows you how much ore there is in the asteroids near you.  The Revelations II 2.2 patch updated the way the data is displayed and added in the range of all of the listed asteroids, so it is actually quite useful.  Okay, maybe not that useful, but I like it.

Small Hull Repairer I – Another drop.  I had an empty slot.  I put it on there to figure out how to use it.  I have never done anything with hull or armor repair units, so I haven’t clue.

Expanded Cargo Hold I – Four of these.  I had three on hand and bought the fourth just to round out the set.  These plus my other bonuses give me a cargo capacity of 12,866 cubic meters.

In theory the Mammoth can haul around 16,686 cubic meters of stuff by dragging around four Giant Secure Containers.  A GSC holds 3,900 cubic meters of material, but only takes up 3,000 cubic meters in your cargo hold.  The problem is that there is a spacing requirement for containers.  There has to be a certain amount of space between them, and in the asteroid fields I have been working, there are already so many containers that finding a place to drop one is a challenge.  In the end I had to opt for jet canning.

So now that I have some better hauling capabilities, it is about time for me to get that mining barge.

4 thoughts on “Mammoth Undertaking

  1. Debes

    Don’t drop the GSCs.. you assemble them in a sation, name them so you can tell them apart, then load them into your cargohold. From there, open your cargohold, and rclick on one, and select open container or something similar. Then drag stright from the jetcan into the container. That’s how you use them. :)

    If you’ve used a shield booster, it’s the same as an armor/hull rep with a couple differences:

    Shield boosters boost more, for more cap. They also apply the HP at the beginning of the cycle. Armor repairers use less cap, and the armor is repaired at the end of the cycle. Cap is still consumed at the beginning Also, hull reps are slooooooow. Very..very..sloooow. But free, which is important when you’re considering repping a dominix from 2% structure..


  2. Kirith Kodachi

    Regarding salvage: The parts you get are used in the construction of rigs for ships. Check out the Ship Modification blueprints to get an idea. Rig parts (i.e. salvage) is ALWAYS in demand, its like mining that way.


  3. Cheston

    Your EVE posts really make me wish they would release the OSX client sooner, and you are right about EVE and screenshots, I can’t recall seeing one I didn’t like.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    We’re getting one of the new iMacs for my daughter soon which, among other things, should run an OSX version of EVE really well. I will certainly try it out on that machine when it becomes available.


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