Naked Zones

In a MUD I used to play, TorilMUD, there was a naked zone.

And when I say naked, I mean there was a portal through which you entered the zone, but you could only use the portal if you had remove and stored away all of your equipment.  No armor, no weapons, no nothing.

I think there were a couple exceptions.  Casters that needed spell books could bring those through with them as I recall, and maybe shaman could bring their spirit totems.  It has been ages since I even thought of the zone, so the details are more than a bit hazy.  Laniala or Gaff will come along and correct me.

But, in essence, you came into that zone the way you came into the world… naked.

Remember the time machine in Terminator?  Same story.

Once in the zone, naked, you had to kill stuff to equip yourself.  The equipment drops were pretty decent, but most of the drops were transitory.  They only stayed with you in zone or until you logged out.  Then they were gone.

Of course, some of the drops, some of the sweetest drops in the game, were solid and real and could be taken back with you.

I always thought this was a neat idea for a zone.

Of course, mentioning it here means I was thinking about how it would work in a current MMO.

I think the biggest challenge would be storing all of your gear to actually get to the naked state.

In EverQuest II I have more than enough storage to manage it.  EQ2 is very generous with storage.

On the other hand, in World of WarCraft or Lord of the Rings Online, there is no way I could store away all my gear.  My bank slots are full in both games and storage options are limited.

Not that such a zone would be kosher in LOTRO.  But it might be interesting in WoW.

So should somebody make a naked zone in an MMO today?

Or are we all too wedded to our equipment to go for such a thing?

8 thoughts on “Naked Zones

  1. brackishwater

    I don’t think we are too attached to our items to make a zone like this work, but I don’t see why your items cannot simply go into a loot limbo or airline security box before entering. I’m sure we could squeeze in some Gnomish content there. If not, it would be more of a pain in the ass than anything.
    Seeing as you can’t bring anything, including the stuff in your pack, my last stop before leaving would be the bank. Then I guess we would streak to the zone entrance? This could be fun and turn a couple heads.
    “Experience may change during online play”


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  3. Servitor

    When I briefly played World of Warcraft, I kept seeing recruiting announcements for a guild that was “dedicated to naked questing and instancing.” Sure enough, they ran around and did everything with no equipment. It was a sizable guild. I wish I could remember their name. Anyway, I definitely think there’s a subset of players in any game that would use a naked zone.


  4. Gaff

    The best part of Chandigar’s zone (yes, that bastage wrote the zone), was its nickname–SPOB–as in, “are you doing Spob tonight?” “Check out the armor I got in Spob!” It also could be a 16 hour plus run….though I think I did get through it in 12 a couple times. Good times…


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The Soul Prison of Bhaal. I had forgotten that the Chandi-man had done that. But it does not surprise me. He did some other interesting stuff like the Halruaan Airship, Trollbark, and part of the Pirate Islands.


  6. Mugo

    I still play toril and just did SPOB yesterday ,.. we did it in just under 5 hours with all evils :) .. not bad!

    ps. telnet 9999 check it out :)


  7. Kenionatus

    Runescape has such a feature. It is coupled with randomised instanceing. Propper clothes are part of the character models though, so you arent running around in underwear.


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