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Shut Up We’re Talking 8.0 & 8.1

Hey, I was on Shut Up We’re Talking #6 along with a lot of other people. I’m the one who spoke the least I think. Which was probably a good thing for all concerned. My run on even numbered shows is probably at an end. Darren and Adele will be recording #8 tonight or tomorrow I bet, and I won’t be a part of it. I’d probably talk about EVE too much.-Wilhelm2451, August in Review

And I was pretty sure that was going to be the case. And then, at 6:30pm EST on Saturday I got a message from Darren:

Subject: So…um…

What ya doin tonight at 8:30 EST?

Poor Adele was down with a migraine and Darren was looking for somebody to sit in. I suggested that he drag along Dennis from Potshot as well, thinking that it would take the two of us to make up for Adele. Or as Dennis put it, “It’s not a pantomime horse unless both ends show up.”

The guests already lined up were Karen of Journey’s with Jaye and Jason of Wife Aggro.

We got together on Skype at the appointed time and did a very good show that was full of interesting views and frank exchanges on the topics at hand.

And then as we were heading towards the home stretch, Darren said, “Uh oh.”

With my usual disasters senses tingling I said, “We haven’t been recording for the last hour, right?”

My disaster senses always underestimate. After 90 minutes of talking, we found only the first 15 minutes or so had actually been recorded.

Oh the pain.

And the real shame of it was I thought we had done a very good show.

So we decided to try it again on Sunday night. My long suffering but ever-understanding wife actually arranged dinner early so I could be there for take two. I just had to sacrifice a couple hours with my mother-in-law. A tough choice, but I was strong.

And so we did show two, which did get recorded.

Both shows were fun to do and turned out good. However, because the show is done without a script and because we were covering the same set of topics again, I felt a bit of the spontaneity was lost. Interesting side bars from the previous day, like a discussion of the mid-game in EverQuest, got abbreviated. There was a little less of the passion you get when coming to a conclusion on the fly and not as much of the give and take that comes from hearing an idea or position for the first time because we had already run through the topics. And we referred a number of times to what other people said the day before. But of course, nobody listening to the podcast heard any of that.

Those are the breaks. We had fun and Darren made us all sound about as good as we could have hoped.

And what did we talk about twice? Here are the topics, each linked to the post which inspired it:

The show itself runs about one hour and twenty two minutes. You can find here on the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective site, or on iTunes.

Now I have to figure out how to keep my streak of appearances on even, non-prime numbered shows going. Show #10 will feature special guest Grimwell.

Station Itemization

I need directories.

I need folders, bins, baskets, and various other ways to organize things.

I am a pack rat, especially in games.  Doubly so in MMOs.

And EVE Online is an MMO, as you may have noticed.

The items thingy… what is it?  Is it a hanger?  A container?  Something else?

Anyway, that window where all of your items in station reside needs some features. 

When you have 10 things in there, it is easy to deal with.  Even with 20, it isn’t so bad.  But after that, it becomes a pain.

I need a way to create sub directories of the items window.  Sub directories I can label, so I can store away minerals in one, skills in another, salvaged items in a third, and so on.

I want to be able to organize all of this space debris that I have been accumulating, both in the Items window as well as in the divisional hangers in the corporate office.

Now, no post about EVE Online from me is complete without a tale of stupidity, so here is how this need was slammed home to me.

Our corp, Twilight Cadre (current motto: It is all about the BenjamISK), is 30 days old today.  This means, of course, the rental expired on our office in Hageken.

When I logged in to process the ore I mined last night, ore which I stored in the corp hanger.  When I tried to open the corp hanger, I was greeted with a long message which I did not really read. 

Shame on me. 

The first bit said that our rent expired and that if I wanted the items back I had to pay a fee.  A Dr. Evil fee of One Million ISK!

Well, of course I wanted the stuff back.  There had to be ten million ISK worth of stuff in there.  Somehow though I assumed that pressing the “yes” button would be paying the rent on the office space. 

But no, all it did was take all the stuff out of impound and shove it in my items window.

All of the stuff I had stored in there.  All of the stuff Potshot had stored in there.  And all of the huge amount of stuff we had placed in the “free for all” division 1 hanger.

All of that, over 200 things, were now mixed in with my stuff.

I had to go rent and office again (2 million more ISK) and then try to separate out all of stuff that was now rattling around in my items window.

Fortunately the vast majority of the stuff was from the free for all hanger and obviously so.  I did not even bother to move over the civilian modules that had been stacking up, choosing to reprocess them. 

But then I noticed the next dumb thing.  I just rented a new office.  I did not go into the corp wallet and pay the bill buried in a window I had not visited before today.  So now I have a new office rented AND a bill in the corp wallet for another office.  I assume that the bill will go away some day. Argh!

All of this lead me to a new set of feature requests for CCP.

-Directories/sub folders/whatever for the items window
I need this.  No, really, I need this.  And some of you out there probably do as well.

-Items moved from impounded corp hangers in into appropriately labelled directories
I should have had some nice directories with names like “Division 1 Hanger” in my items window, not all 200 items dumped into the root.  I cannot be the only person to ever get spammed by items like this.

-Recurring rental contract options for corp office space
If you can do recurring billing on my credit card, you can manage a rucurring rental that is just as automated.  I want a lease with an auto-payment plan.  Or, if not that, at least let me rent in bigger blocks of time.  30 days goes by quickly at my age.

-An automated note to CEO and directors of impending rent due
If they choose the leasing model, then recurring rentals will eventually come to an end.  The same goes for renting in bigger chunks of time.  And the same group should get a note if the rent is coming due as part of the lease and the corp account does not have sufficient funds.

-A change to that impound notification
I want the buttons at the bottom to become “Pay the impound,” “Pay the rent,” and “Cancel.”

Some or all of the above features would make my million ISK mistake well worth it.

Of course, all the cool corporations probably just build their own stations and don’t have to worry about this stuff.  But that just means the burden of these missing features fall on noobs like me.

As for wasting the corp money.  Well, I put the money into the corp account, so it is probably best if I make the mistakes with it.

Golden Retriever

9:30am Pacific Time, Sunday September 2nd rolled around at last.  Mining Barge III training finished up.  I could now fly the Retriever I had purchased.  I could fit it with the strip miners and head out to harvest the bounty of the asteroid fields.

I was out of the dock and trying it out right away.  And I got a good run right off the bat.  The rats seemed to be off for Sunday brunch, so I was able to mine and haul undisturbed for quite a while.


Unfortunately, my miner’s CPU skills aren’t up to spec and I could not fit out the ship quite the way Trigger64 suggested in his write-up on the subject.  Frankly, I couldn’t even find a Small Clarity Ward Booster I in the region, and the alternatives I could find I could not fit due to lack of CPU resources on the ship.  So my miner is training up his electronics skills to be able to optimize CPU usage.  Meanwhile, I need to figure out what to put in the mid slots of this barge.

And a barge it is.  It moves slow.  It has a small capacitor.  It cannot fit much equipment.

But it sure can rip apart asteroids.


It isn’t, say, an order of magnitude better than the Osprey.  The little Osprey gives a lot of bang for the ISK when it comes to low end mining.  But the ore output with the Retriever is noticeably better.

The downside of this change of ships is how I deal with rats in the asteroid belts.

The one nice thing about the Osprey was that it had the chops to deal with any rats that showed up.  A single standard missile launcher and a shield booster were all that the Osprey had to have equipped for me to fear no rat.

The Retriever on the other hand is more fragile.  It doesn’t take long for a couple of rats bore through the shield and are knocking on the hull.

So I have to work out how to handle two-box mining again.  Sitting out there in the belt in a Mammoth and a Retriever is a recipe for disaster.  On the other hand, sitting with Wilhelm’s Cormorant on over watch while I burn asteroids makes for a lot of ship swapping.  Wilhelm has to dock and get out the Mammoth to haul, then swap back to go on guard again.  And I am still exposed when I have both the hauler and the barge out there.  More than once the rats have chosen that moment to spawn and I have had to fly both ships back to base to avoid a fiasco.

I suppose that one answer is to let my miner do the hauling as well, while Wil stays on patrol.  That means some more training time for him, putting the Covetor further out in the future.

I could stick with the Osprey, which would mean I spent a lot of cash on a ship I won’t be using.

Or Potshot and I can try to coordinate our missions, both of us mining with one client while one of us stand on guard and the other hauls the ore.  Unfortunately real life tends to make for odd hours for the both of us, so mining tends to be opportunistic.  When we have the time, we log on and mine.  It is hard to coordinate that.

Or I can wait until Debes gets bored (as he did last night) and comes over to fly rat cover in his nice ship. (Is it a Wolf or a Jaguar?  I forgot already.  But it sure made things go “Boom” quite readily!)


I hope this gets better with the Covetor or the Hulk.  I see Hulks out soloing and killing rats in the asteroid fields I frequent, so presumably there is a solution to the problem eventually on the miner’s path.