Golden Retriever

9:30am Pacific Time, Sunday September 2nd rolled around at last.  Mining Barge III training finished up.  I could now fly the Retriever I had purchased.  I could fit it with the strip miners and head out to harvest the bounty of the asteroid fields.

I was out of the dock and trying it out right away.  And I got a good run right off the bat.  The rats seemed to be off for Sunday brunch, so I was able to mine and haul undisturbed for quite a while.


Unfortunately, my miner’s CPU skills aren’t up to spec and I could not fit out the ship quite the way Trigger64 suggested in his write-up on the subject.  Frankly, I couldn’t even find a Small Clarity Ward Booster I in the region, and the alternatives I could find I could not fit due to lack of CPU resources on the ship.  So my miner is training up his electronics skills to be able to optimize CPU usage.  Meanwhile, I need to figure out what to put in the mid slots of this barge.

And a barge it is.  It moves slow.  It has a small capacitor.  It cannot fit much equipment.

But it sure can rip apart asteroids.


It isn’t, say, an order of magnitude better than the Osprey.  The little Osprey gives a lot of bang for the ISK when it comes to low end mining.  But the ore output with the Retriever is noticeably better.

The downside of this change of ships is how I deal with rats in the asteroid belts.

The one nice thing about the Osprey was that it had the chops to deal with any rats that showed up.  A single standard missile launcher and a shield booster were all that the Osprey had to have equipped for me to fear no rat.

The Retriever on the other hand is more fragile.  It doesn’t take long for a couple of rats bore through the shield and are knocking on the hull.

So I have to work out how to handle two-box mining again.  Sitting out there in the belt in a Mammoth and a Retriever is a recipe for disaster.  On the other hand, sitting with Wilhelm’s Cormorant on over watch while I burn asteroids makes for a lot of ship swapping.  Wilhelm has to dock and get out the Mammoth to haul, then swap back to go on guard again.  And I am still exposed when I have both the hauler and the barge out there.  More than once the rats have chosen that moment to spawn and I have had to fly both ships back to base to avoid a fiasco.

I suppose that one answer is to let my miner do the hauling as well, while Wil stays on patrol.  That means some more training time for him, putting the Covetor further out in the future.

I could stick with the Osprey, which would mean I spent a lot of cash on a ship I won’t be using.

Or Potshot and I can try to coordinate our missions, both of us mining with one client while one of us stand on guard and the other hauls the ore.  Unfortunately real life tends to make for odd hours for the both of us, so mining tends to be opportunistic.  When we have the time, we log on and mine.  It is hard to coordinate that.

Or I can wait until Debes gets bored (as he did last night) and comes over to fly rat cover in his nice ship. (Is it a Wolf or a Jaguar?  I forgot already.  But it sure made things go “Boom” quite readily!)


I hope this gets better with the Covetor or the Hulk.  I see Hulks out soloing and killing rats in the asteroid fields I frequent, so presumably there is a solution to the problem eventually on the miner’s path.

8 thoughts on “Golden Retriever

  1. Kirith Kodachi

    Hey, note that the Retriever has a 25 m3 drone bay. With 4-5 light drones you can protect yourself from most rats in high sec space easily. Sheild booster is a good idea for that mid slot too. :)


  2. Van Hemlock

    Yup – try stuffing as many Hobgoblin I’s in there as you can. Should be five. Put five in there even if you have less than Drones V – that’s just how many you can control in space at once. Can always launch #5 as a spare if any of the others go pop.

    Works wonders against high-sec belt rats. Make sure the rats engage you first, before launching them though (Red blinking brackets on the overview), and have them return to ship again after the fighting is done. You get through a lot of drones if they draw aggro themselves.

    Hobgoblins won’t be enough to defend you from player Ore Thieves though. Best bet there is just let them take the ore and find some place else to work.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Ah yes, drones. I have drones trained up to level III and scout drone operation up to level II, so I’ll give them a try.

    I played with drones back when I first got the Osprey, but their mining yield was so small, and their lifespan around rats was so short, that I put them away and looked to other things.


  4. Malenfer

    It’s funny, my current character is in the exact same development path as yours is. First the Osprey, then (and now) the Retreiver and training for the Covetor, followed by the mightiest fo the all, the Hulk (another 14 days of training orso). Although I have no second account and fly an Iteron IV to pick up my cans after I do a mining run to fill it (approx 12.000m^3 space). So you can imagine I love to read your blog to read up on your experiences with the game.

    I wanted to share my use of the retriever and my hauling of ore.

    My Retriever is doing just fine with the following modules equiped:
    2 x strip miner

    1 x survey scanner (really handey to not spend 3 min mining on a roid about to pop…plus iwth the new patch the interface became much nicer)

    1 x Armor Repairer
    1 x can’t remember, whatever you want.. think i put a cargo expander in there, to be able to have 2 loads of ore sitting in my cargo space.. could also be a MLU 1.

    and 5 angry light drones (damage type to match the belt rats weakness)

    My Iteron IV has a Salvager equiped, Med SB, AB and 3 cargo expanders.
    My Iteron III has a Tractor Beam, Salvager, small SB, AB and cargo expanders.

    The Iteron III is mainly used for when I killed many rats and/or did jetcan mining or am hauling in an ops.



  5. Eric

    > I played with drones back when I first got the Osprey, but their mining > yield was so small, and their lifespan around rats was so short, that I > put them away and looked to other things.

    The people above are talking about attack drones, so you understand, these dont do any mining :). You’re right about the mining ones though, never really saw the point of those. And they are the first to die in case rats do show up.


  6. Mike De Groote

    The besthing for protection is indeed 5 light drones (combat) the covetor allows for 5 mining and 5 combat drones :) )
    in you mids plz put a asteroid scanner to see how big they are
    try getting the feel for the strips of how much ore they do per sec so you can cut your beams short when de roid is empty or els you will loose a lot of time ona perhaps a rock yjat has 13 units left in them
    .Indeed mining if done correct requires attention.
    currently i fill a jetcan under 17 min in a hulk using t2 strips and be in a fleet with mining forman 5 mining dir 5 and the laser opt command link.. the roids are just to smal for a full cycle so i need to know how much each roid has so not to loose time.
    it’s intensive but hey when crancking out bs’s you need all the ore you can get

    another tip fit your hauler with a small tractor beam
    strips = 3min cycle
    jetcans = 3 mins for a new one
    hauler jumps in pulls the can empties and flies away
    you gain time that way hauling


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