Shut Up We’re Talking 8.0 & 8.1

Hey, I was on Shut Up We’re Talking #6 along with a lot of other people. I’m the one who spoke the least I think. Which was probably a good thing for all concerned. My run on even numbered shows is probably at an end. Darren and Adele will be recording #8 tonight or tomorrow I bet, and I won’t be a part of it. I’d probably talk about EVE too much.-Wilhelm2451, August in Review

And I was pretty sure that was going to be the case. And then, at 6:30pm EST on Saturday I got a message from Darren:

Subject: So…um…

What ya doin tonight at 8:30 EST?

Poor Adele was down with a migraine and Darren was looking for somebody to sit in. I suggested that he drag along Dennis from Potshot as well, thinking that it would take the two of us to make up for Adele. Or as Dennis put it, “It’s not a pantomime horse unless both ends show up.”

The guests already lined up were Karen of Journey’s with Jaye and Jason of Wife Aggro.

We got together on Skype at the appointed time and did a very good show that was full of interesting views and frank exchanges on the topics at hand.

And then as we were heading towards the home stretch, Darren said, “Uh oh.”

With my usual disasters senses tingling I said, “We haven’t been recording for the last hour, right?”

My disaster senses always underestimate. After 90 minutes of talking, we found only the first 15 minutes or so had actually been recorded.

Oh the pain.

And the real shame of it was I thought we had done a very good show.

So we decided to try it again on Sunday night. My long suffering but ever-understanding wife actually arranged dinner early so I could be there for take two. I just had to sacrifice a couple hours with my mother-in-law. A tough choice, but I was strong.

And so we did show two, which did get recorded.

Both shows were fun to do and turned out good. However, because the show is done without a script and because we were covering the same set of topics again, I felt a bit of the spontaneity was lost. Interesting side bars from the previous day, like a discussion of the mid-game in EverQuest, got abbreviated. There was a little less of the passion you get when coming to a conclusion on the fly and not as much of the give and take that comes from hearing an idea or position for the first time because we had already run through the topics. And we referred a number of times to what other people said the day before. But of course, nobody listening to the podcast heard any of that.

Those are the breaks. We had fun and Darren made us all sound about as good as we could have hoped.

And what did we talk about twice? Here are the topics, each linked to the post which inspired it:

The show itself runs about one hour and twenty two minutes. You can find here on the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective site, or on iTunes.

Now I have to figure out how to keep my streak of appearances on even, non-prime numbered shows going. Show #10 will feature special guest Grimwell.

4 thoughts on “Shut Up We’re Talking 8.0 & 8.1

  1. pvthudson

    That was nutty, we did lose some good stuff in the mid game area, I felt it hard to NOT mention the previous night when talking, but I think we did ok in the end. I would like to get a show again where we just talk about what we like and dislike in all the different games we have played, sort of like an open round table.

    It was nice finally talking to you “semi in person” John, was a fun podcast



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