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38 – The Iconic Update

Today’s EverQuest II patch was a big one.  Game Update #38 I believe.  A lot of things go into a game update, but the first item I noticed when I finally got on this morning was a change to the icons for trade skill raws.

This at first elicited a moan of despair.

That is mostly because I have been playing Lord of the Rings Online all Summer, and Turbine seems to have taken it upon themselves to revamp the game icons with every major patch.  Unfortunately, while Turbine achieves “different” with each patch, “better” isn’t always the case.

But after looking at what they changed in EverQuest II, I think they might have achieved “better.”

It appears that the icons for harvestable raws for each tier now have their own unique icons.  So roots do not look exactly like tussah roots, ashen roots, or hanging roots any more.

This is a big deal, and one I have wished for.  It will take a bit to get used to what the new icons look like, but at least I won’t be faced with mousing over every stack of roots in a 28 slot box trying to find that one stack of ashen roots I know is in there.

But wait, there is more.  At each tier the rare or treasured raws have sparkles as part of their icons!  So now you know something is of value at a glance!

Three cheers for this change!

Oddly enough, I could not find this change listed in the Game Update #38 notes.  They mention the sparkles for rares, but not the overall change to all harvestables. 

A Year of Living Noobishly

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Ancient Gaming Noob.  I thought I would mark the occasion with a few comments on the last year and a bit of obscure data about the site.

Views on Page Views

I do not really have a comment on the number of page views, the only metric WordPress.com gives you about visitors to a site.  It is just a piece of data and only valuable if compared against similar data.  But here is the month by month data for this site over the last year.


The chart runs from September through August, in case that was not obvious.

May was popular due to a trifecta of being mention in the EverQuest II Town Crier, getting a long run as one of the top five items on VirginWorlds, and being mentioned in a post by Tobold.  Page views did not return to that level until August, and that was only because my grousing about the Tabula Rasa beta forums got ranked very high on Google.

Getting Hit On

The best places when it comes to consistently getting people to come to the site:

EQ2-Daily – The EverQuest II community is a click happy bunch.  It is almost addictive to write about EQ2 because when the EQ2-Daily crew links you up on the main page, people come to visit.  With the recent overhaul of the site, that has trended down a little.  It is harder to go visit the site on which a story is posted from the main page now. (And quite impossible if you use FireFox 1.x.)  But the information on the main page is much better.  So the greedy hit monster in me hates it, but the data obsessive in me likes it a lot.

[correction: FireFox does work if you put “www” at the front of their URL.  Cyanbane sez, “Relational Pathing is teh devil!”]

EverQuest II Town Crier – This doesn’t happen very often, but it does generate a lot of traffic.  I have been linked there four times this year, so I am sure I owe somebody down in San Diego a beer or three.

VirginWorlds – This would be in the number one spot if I just counted the times when I have been the top five articles on the main page.  Nothing beats that most days.  But Brent puts up so much news that once you get down the list very far, people lose track of you.  Still, as a site for promoting general MMO news and information, VirginWorlds cannot be beat.

Tobolds MMORPG Blog – Go ask Potshot what happens when Tobold points to your site as the main focus of a post.  Page view fire hose!  Even the couple of passing mentions of this site has generated quite a bit of traffic.  The man has a following.  Beware if he decides to use his power for evil rather than good!

Virgin Firsts

By some fortuitous accident Brent at VirginWorlds noticed my site very early on which allowed him achieve a number of “firsts” here.

First Comment

First External Site Link

First Mention of the Site on a Podcast

That was enough attention for me to dispel any thoughts of “why am I doing this?”  I mean, look at his site.  He knows what he is doing.  So if you don’t like the site, you can blame Brent’s early encouragement.

Comments on Comments

One of the things that feeds the blogging need is getting comments.  Getting reactions, even negative reactions, is a good thing.  I frankly enjoy to argue at times.  Ask my wife.  So while I never know quite how to respond to positive reactions to what I write, disagreement can end up with me writing comments that exceed the length of the original post.  See the ongoing thread about bloggers and the press for an example, or anything on which Kendricke and I have disagreed.  So comments are good.  Here is some data about the comments here over the last year.

All data as of 5pm Pacific time (midnight GMT) on September 11th 2007.

Total Comments Left: 1799

Ping backs: 67

My comments: 399

Reader comments: 1333

Total posts: 518

Comments per post average: 3.5

Total spam comments: 41,964

Comment signal to noise ratio: 1 to 23 (thanks to Tachevert for the idea)

Top 21 Commentors (20 was a tie)

Name              Comments  % of Total 
Kilana           102     7.65% 
Adele Caelia      52     3.90% 
Darren            44     3.30% 
Kesselia          43     3.23% 
Potshot           42     3.15% 
Tipa              39     2.93% 
Stargrace         38     2.85% 
Yunk              38     2.85% 
Gaff              37     2.78% 
Brent             35     2.63% 
Pvthudson         29     2.18% 
Bildo             28     2.10% 
Mrrx              24     1.80% 
Cyanbane          23     1.73% 
Van Hemlock       23     1.73% 
Kendricke         21     1.58% 
Saylah            21     1.58% 
Cameron Sorden    19     1.43% 
Ethic             18     1.35% 
Godlesswanderer   16     1.20% 
Trigger64         16     1.20%


Number of non-spam comments deleted: 5

Common Theme: All were comments on posts where I was critical of WoW.

The one I regret deleting: “This blog is the biggest uninformed farce I’ve ever read.”

Search Term Surprises

I have been surprised a number of times that this site has ended up as the top item for search terms on Google.  I am surprised that I even ranked once.

I think that this is due, in part, to how WordPress.com handles automatic notification of updates to search engines.  In addition, I also run my RSS feed through Feedburner (now a Google company) which also updates the search engines.

Search terms for which this site has ranked #1 on Google at some point:

Abishi Tian
Guild Name Generator
Revelations Tutorial
Rise of Kunark Beta
Tabula Rasa Beta Forum

By comparison, I do not get on the first page of results for any of these terms when it comes to Yahoo.


The number of times the tags I use on this site have been associated with posts.  Remember, a single posts can have multiple tags.

EverQuest II               222 
World of Warcraft          101 
EverQuest                   84 
Sony Online Entertainment   72 
EVE Online                  71 
Lord of the Rings Online    70 
Vanguard SOH                67 
Misc MMOs                   55 
Podcasts                    40 
General                     32 
Humor                       25 
Hardware                    15 
blog thing                  14 
wii                         14 
Other PC Games              13 
Ancient Gaming Things       12 
MMO Design                   7 
Pirates of the Burning Sea   6 
MUDs                         5 
Star Trek Online             5 
Tabula Rasa                  5 
memes                        4 
poll                         3 
RPGs                         3 
MAME                         2 
In Person                    1 
lego                         1 
LEGO Universe                1


Occasionally somebody writes me with a proposition.  Usually a simple response along the lines of, “I’m straight, I’m married, and I couldn’t get myself in that position in any case” is enough.  But once in a while somebody actually wants me to write for another site.

Offers to write for other sites: 5

Offers to write for other sites that involved money: 0

Offers to write for other sites I seriously considered: 0

All five offers were from sites that were forming blogging “communities.”  Four of them just wanted free content for their sites as far as I could tell.  In the case of all five though, the thought of having my work judged against the work of other people, some of whom could no doubt actually write scared me off.  I like prefer my own little space where I control the content and I do not feel too self-conscious putting up something completely goofy.

The 5 Things You Write…

I tend to write lists of five things.  This is usually because I can think of three good things for a list then can pad it out to five pretty easily.  Getting to ten, on the other hand, would mean that the most of the list would be crap, as opposed to just 40% of the list.

Number of lists of five things: 8

Five Coming Signs That WoW is Mainstream
Five EVE Online Wishes
Five Minor LOTRO Gripes
Five Podcasts To Listen To Again
Tagged: Five Reasons Why I Blog
Five Insane MMO Things I Want
Five Things You Do Not Know About Me
Five Features Blizzard Should Steal From EverQuest II

Another 5

Number of MMO Gamers I have met in person since I started TAGN: 5

Brent from VirginWorlds
Brenden from Another Here
Gary from Massively Online Gamer
Todd from Massively Online Gamer
Brenlo from SOE

All of those were at GDC 2007, when I was deathly ill.  I also saw Ryan from Massively Online Gamer, but he and Gary were in deep discussion with somebody from CCP, so I did not interrupt.  I can, however, attest to his height relative to Gary, Todd and some Viking from CCP.

Games Games Games

This site is primarily about MMOs, so I probably ought to wrap this up with a list those that I played during the year.  I did not write about all of them.  Even I have limits as to how much I need to play a game before I comment.

MMOs I Have Played Since I Started TAGN:

City of Heroes
EVE Online
EverQuest II
Tabula Rasa
The Lord of the Rings Online
The Matrix Online
The Saga of Ryzom
World of Warcraft
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

In Conclusion

Many thanks to everybody who has visited this site, plus an extra thanks for each comment you left!

It has been a fun year.  Writing about gaming and my gaming experiences has definately enhanced my enjoyment of gaming.  I hope it has added some enjoyment to your own.