Congestion and Instability

The other morning I was on EVE Online, mining away while on an early conference call I was taking from home, when a message I had not seen before in EVE popped up.


Traffic Advisory, eh?  Well, maybe there is some fleet action in progress through a normally quiet sector.

Less than a minute later I saw another.



Then another popped up about 20 seconds after that.


Now I began to think, “There is a problem here.”  If this were a MUD, I would be typing “save” quite often at this point.  This morning, I decided it was time to get more mined ore out of the jet can, into my hauler, and back to the station ASAP.

The traffic advisories kept popping up at the rate of 2 or 3 a minute as I logged on Wilhelm and warped the Mammoth out to the asteroid belt.  I had visions of a cascading failure rippling across the EVE universe like a virtual tsunami.

My call was wrapped up shortly after that point.  I hauled my last load to the station, parked my miner, and logged off.

As I walked around the house getting myself set, I noticed EVE Mon had put up the “Tranquility Down” alert.  I missed it by less than five minutes.

Well, CCP says they are working on the issue.  The problem with a single server universe is that, when it is down, you customers have nothing else to do… except go play the forum game I suppose.

3 thoughts on “Congestion and Instability

  1. syncaine

    Not sure if this was at the same time, as I was playing last night, but the same thing happened. A few traffic notices, and then TQ was down. Luckly I was not doing anything major, but a Corp mate was mid-mission, and ended up losing his ship (cruiser). Hopefully CCP refunds him, we will see.


  2. p@tsh@t

    Heh, was on late a few days ago for a few minutes and wanted to try out my new Caracal, so I went rat hunting in a nearby belt. Just got a target lock and !poof! Tranquility went down. I spent an agonizing 20 minutes or so waiting to log back on to see if I’d been blown to bits.

    Fortunately, I was right where I left off except there were no rats. Back to the barn and off to bed. Seems things have been quite unstable of late…


  3. Rick

    I was trying to run Guristas Extravaganza when all of that was happening. Got through like 4 rooms, got booted. Had to clear all four rooms when I came back. Oy.

    CCP has been good about replacing ships due to crashes like that. I don’t think you’ll get your loot or modules, but at least you’ll get the ship back.


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