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Sacrificial Caracal

I will come straight to the point.  I lost another cruiser last night.

I had a bit of time last night and thought I ought to get out my caracal and run a couple level II missions.  So I logged in, swapped ships, and scooted over to Vuorrassi to get a mission from Pukka Shotsu. 

I ended up with an easy sounding mission called Recon (1 of 3) which asked that I go out and scout some deadspace areas for pirate activity and report back.  Basically, go through some warp gates and return home.  Here is the actual mission brief:


Now the mission says that destroying any pirates found is completely unnecessary.  However, after jumping through the first gate, I was only faced with a single cruiser and two frigates, so I figured, “What the hell.” and went into the attack.

I peeled off and destroyed the two frigates easily and was just starting on the cruiser when reinforcements arrived.  I ignored that, figuring I could just knock off this one ship and be on my way. 

Then more reinforcements showed up.

My shields started going down rapidly.  I decided to warp out, get my shields back up, and think about this.

I figured I could jump in again, take a couple more shots at my target as I headed to the next warp gate, and then move on if things were too tough.

I had not actually counted the reinforcements, but there were a lot, at least relative to just me.  And while I was off resetting myself, they appear to have all congregated around where the first warp gate drops you when inbound.  So when I returned, I was faced with a lot of cruiser-size red crosses at close range.

I took the time to find and target my original foe, but my shields were again going down pretty fast.  I headed towards the warp gate.  However, my shields were gone before I got too far… and if I thought my shields were going down fast, that was nothing compared to my armor and hull. 

When my armor started to take damage, I thought about just warping straight out.  By the time I got a base targeted, my hull was down to 50%.  I ended up warping my pod back to the star gate via which I had arrived in system to head back to Twilight Cadre HQ.  I needed a new cruiser and new equipment.

Report: Ship Destruction – Wilhelm Arcturus

2007.09.15 05:15

Victim: Wilhelm Arcturus
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Twilight Cadre
Destroyed: Caracal
System: Vuorrassi
Security: 0.5

Involved parties:

Name: Scourge Heavy Missile / Guristas Pirates (laid the final blow)

Destroyed items:

Power Diagnostic System I
Invulnerability Field I
‘Malkuth’ Assault Missile Launcher I
‘Malkuth’ Assault Missile Launcher I
Assault Missile Launcher I
Large Shield Extender I
Piranha Light Missile, Qty: 60
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 63
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 63

I went back, bought a new Caracal at the station, outfitted it, defensively at least, with about the same equipment.  I decided I would just get in, head straight to the warp gate, and be on my way, avoiding all combat if I could.

When I warped in, lit the afterburner, and began heading towards the warp gate, I was already almost out of shields again.  I immediately tried to warp to another location in the system.  I was quick enough that my pod actually made the jump I set for my cruiser.  But I left behind another wreck. 

And I forgot to do something before I headed out again.  Can anybody tell me what I forgot?  Anybody?  Bueller?

Yes, I did not insure the second ship.  Oops.

I did find out that there is at least a default insurance policy when you buy a ship.  I got a payout of 1.8 million ISK.  Not much compared to the price I paid, but better than nothing.

I decided that a third attempt at this point would be futile, so I called it a night.

This morning, I logged back on, hoping that the downtime would reset the ship count to the initial three.  I fitted out another Caracal with just defensive gear, not wanting to waste any more ISK than I had to at this point. 

I jumped to Vuorrassi and started in on the mission. 

Yes, the hostile ship count had been reset.  I was able to fly through to the next warp gate, activate it, and complete the mission.

However, as one last surprise, when I jumped through that last gate and got the objective complete message, I was also greeted by a large group of hostiles ships.  Before I could warp out, they chewed through my shields and did 170K ISK damage to my ship.

The next two parts of Recon were not nearly as hairy as the first.  Here are the mission briefs:

recon2.png          recon3.png

In part two you have to check out another gate, but as you arrive at it, a large group of mercenaries appear and move to attack you.  That completes the mission and I was able to warp out without any damage.

Finally, in the third part, you have to examine another gate in the midst of a gas cloud.  You face no hostile ships on this mission, but the gas cloud damages your ship, doing a constant stream of 80-150 point hits on you as you move towards the gate, and then one big, 1,000 point hit as you get close.  One you activate the gate, the mission is complete and you can head back to base.

I hope there is something good on which to spend these loyalty points.  That was the only net gain I had.  In terms of ISK, this was a costly set of missions.  At least I am making good money mining!