South Bay EVE Meet

From this post on the EVE forums:

Hello all, I haven’t held one of these in a while, due to lack of interest in the area, but it seems to have been re-sparked.

Please respond to this thread or send me an eve-mail if you plan on attending. Dukes is a Pub, so alcohol as well as food will be served, minors are allowed in until 11pm, so if you’re under 21 don’t worry… until 11pm.

I figured we’d follow the brits and hold a pub meet of our own ;-)

WHEN: Saturday, September 22nd
12:00 local time, 19:00 eve time.
WHERE: The Duke of Edinburgh
WHY: Because we love eve, and food and liquor and good company.
OTHER: Join “Bay Area Local” in game to chat w/ us and ask questions directly!
So come one, bring friends(and enemies) and let’s all go crazy.

Directions(taken from the website:
Take Interstate 280 to Wolfe Rd. in Cupertino.

• If exiting from Southbound 280, turn Left onto Wolfe Rd.

• If exiting from Northbound 280, turn Right onto Wolfe Rd.

Turn Left into the Cupertino Village Shopping Center.

The Duke of Edinburgh Pub and Restaurant is on the Right.

10801 N. Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 446-DUKE (3853)

I am going to try to make it there, at least for some lunch. (Bangers and mash!)  I will try to remember to wear my Warp Drive Active shirt.

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