Battlefront Game Du Jour

Game Du Jour is a web site that specializes in selling independent and casual games. 

Their schtick is that every day ONE of the games they sell is available at a big discount. 

But only for that day.  There is no going back.  No rain checks.

 They do have a mailing list, so you can get alerted in advance of a game being discounted.  You do not have to check back every day.

And if you miss “the” day, you can still buy any of the games they list at full price.  Most of them have demos so you can download and try them out.

So why am I mentioning this?

Next week they are offering five games from Battlefront, a publisher of computer war games that I have mentioned in the past, as has Darren at TCSG.  The games and their dates are:

Sep 24– T-72 Balkans on Fire – just $10 instead of $25!
an exciting tank simulation focusing on tank combat tactics on the modern battlefield using the best tanks the Russians ever built

Sep 25– TacOps 4 – just $10 instead of $25!
the commercial version of “TacOpsCav 4”, an officially issued standard training device of the US Army, offering a simulation of contemporary and near-future tactical ground combat.

Sep 26– Combat Mission Afrika Korps – just $10 instead of $25!
a real-time 3D simulation of WWII tactical warfare, featuring combat as machine gun tracers arc overhead and exploding artillery shells shake the earth.

Sep 27– Down in Flames / East Front Bundle – just $14 instead of $35!
this game bundle is loaded for bear, giving you the ability to take to the skies in a German Me-262, a Russian Il-2, an American F6F Hellcat, Japanese Ki.84 Frank, a Polish P11.c, or British Tempest.

Sep 28– Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin – just $10 instead of $25!
a hybrid turn-based/real-time 3D simulation of WWII tactical warfare on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945.

Sep 29– Strategic Command European Theatre – just $6 instead of $15!
Don the uniform of the supreme commander of the Axis or Allied forces as you shape the fates of the nations at war during the Second World War in Europe.

Sep 30– Combat Mission Beyond Overlord – just $6 instead of $15!
a turn-based, 3D simulation of WWII tactical warfare, combining unparalleled game depth with a true 3D environment.

Of these seven, I would highly recommend checking out Combat Mission Afrika Korps and Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin.  I own both and have spent many hours playing them.  They are both based on the same game engine, with the first taking place in the Mediterranean theater of operations (Africa, Sicily, Italy) and the second on the Easter Front during WWII.

Also of note is Combat Mission Beyond Overlord.  It is from the same developer but is based on an earlier version of their engine and does not quite have the same feel of realism.

And then there is TacOps, which will always have a place in my gaming heart for being the first good translation of an Avalon Hill style war game (map and cardboard counters) that did away with the hex grid.  Yeah!  It sounds simple, somebody deciding that the computer could calculate movement without dividing up the terrain into little parcels, but I had not seen it done before TacOps. 

Eleven years ago, when I bought a copy of TacOps off the shelf (it came in a box for a while) it was an amazing game.  These days it seems a little dated, with fixed sized maps that were huge when we all were running at 640×480 or 800×600, but seem tiny in today’s resolutions.  Still, at $10, it is worth a look if you are interested in that sort of game.

2 thoughts on “Battlefront Game Du Jour

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Hrmm… Shock Force… I should get around to installing that, shouldn’t I? I only pre-ordered it. All my non-MMO gaming time has been spent on the Wii lately.


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