The Official SOE Podcast #23

Aimee “Ashlanne” Rekoske hosts this “Best Of” edition of the Official SOE Podcast.  Alan “Brenlo” Crosby is on jury duty so they did not record a regular show.  The news with Jason “Pex” Ryan is not a repeat, nor is the preview of podcast #24.

Podcast #24 Preview:

  • Hank the Hamster
  • Dave Gilbertson and Julie Burness from the Vanguard team
  • Joel Sasaki
  • Dragon*Con and AGC
  • Inside SOE – Questions from the Community


  • Community Outings
  • Legends of Norrath Updates
  • EQ’s Secrets of Faydwer Website Updated, also head over to the forums for Beta opportunities
  • EQII – guild announcements threads on the server forums and in-game looks
  • Lots of Fun on the EQOA Forums
  • SWG – Publish 6.12 and the Habitat for Humanity
  • Vanguard – Character Transfers, Guild Halls, meet Hannah B!

Best of Section:

  • From Podcast #11 – Henry the Hamster
  • Interview #1 – Senior Product Manager for EverQuest II Laura Naviaux and Ari Ziegel (Podcast #8)
  • Commerical from Podcast #11: Gnome Cookies written by Robyn Vallee
  • From Podcast #15 Timmy The Red-Headed Step child
  • From Podcast #9 Dramatic Rant from RanjaMan
  • From Podcast #14 Henri the Amsterdam Hamster
  • Interview #2 – EQ Community Manager Round Table (From Podcast #14)
  • From Podcast #14 Fippy Darkpaw
  • Commerical from Podcast #17 Auraxico Insurance concept by Lydia Pope and Joel Sasaki
  • From Podcast #19 Henrietta the Hamster
  • Interview #3 – Yivvits and Mr. Bubble (From Podcast #12)
  • Commerical from Podcast #18 Beastie-O’s written by Kelly Knox
  • What are you playing? (Not a repeat)
  • Commerical from Podcast #10 Mama’s Eggnog written by Nathan McCall

The show is available on iTunes as well as from the official SOE podcast site.

The show was recorded on September 19th and runs just over one hour and eighteen minutes.

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