Another Training Hill to Climb

Sunday my miner started on the last big skill towards his goal.  Mining Barge level 5 will take a little over 24 days to train.

On the bright side, once this skill is trained there is are only two more days of training to go before I can fly a Hulk.

In anticipation of this, and because I had the money, and because there were only 8 on the market when I last checked, I spent the ISK and bought my Hulk.

118,000,000 ISK. 

That would be the most I have ever spent on anything in-game by a large margin. 

Still, the mining guide I have been reading had the calculation for how soon a Hulk would pay itself off assuming you already owned a Covetor.  40 days was the result, but it assumed a selling price of 500 million ISK.

At 118 million ISK, and since I am still flying the Retriever, I am pretty sure the pay off period will be much shorter for me.

For now though, I have to keep mining.  I will need to equip this Hulk some day.

4 thoughts on “Another Training Hill to Climb

  1. Mike De Groote

    I notice on your screen shot you are still selling to the local buy orders. Might i suggest you don’t do that but collect your ore to a decent amount 1 mil and put a sale order in might take longer but you wil get better money for it
    as an example your selling pye at 5.5 but you could put a sell order up for 6
    if your amount is big enough it will still get sold
    try this :you sell 1 mil pye at 5.5isks to a buy order which yields you 5.5 mil
    but selling it at 6 wil yield 6 mil 500k plus only for waiting??
    good deal I would say..and it only cost you a order slot in your wallet
    And you do need to wait till barge 5 for the next skill payment :)
    so you got the time. Biggest benefit you make money while your offline not only when playing…

    it’s something i’ve been doing for a while now and it helps to pay for my bpo collection


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    On the price of minerals, I usually only sell to immediate buy orders if the prices are decent. I check the market immediately if local buy orders show more than a couple percent below the regional average.

    I would say that I end up putting up a sell order about 30% of the time. I should probably do it more often because I have never once had one sit for more than a day.

    Now, is there money to be made in blue print originals? (bpos) I have been looking into that, to see if there was a point to getting into production, but it seems a pretty thin margin business.

    Glad to hear I got a good price on the Hulk!


  3. Mike De Groote

    BPO’s are great if you got a playerbase to support
    if I read your posts correctly you got a miner account and a fighter acount
    The fighter needs ammo , missles, drones those are great bpo’s to start with
    let it grow with your need and your corps need.
    we are located in O.O for the moment and ships (large ones ) are hard to come buy so you buy the bpo to have acces to those items.It is not always for profit but for ease..
    oh and its a way to make passive money by selling the goods you made or by making copies to sel (needed for invention these days , reason why most copy slots are filled up as are research slots on the ME stat


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