Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

Patchwork Tuesday

Tuesday the 25th seemed to be a day for patches all around.

First I saw that EVE Online put up Revelations 2.2.2.  (Wasn’t Karen Valentine in that?) I had read that this was coming and had set  suitably long duration skills training on both my characters.  But the patch seemed to behave well, so it was an unnecessary precaution… this time.  The patch itself was focused on resolving the database issues they have been experiencing along with a fix for people running multiple clients on a single box.  That would be me!  Now if they would put in something that would let me booby trap my jet cans to take care of can thieves, I’d be set.  Something big enough to take out a battle cruiser would do.

Then I peeked into EverQuest II now that it was up after the All SOE Downtime event.  Patches there too, both for the game and the launch pad.  No surprise.  I am sure they had to tweak a couple of things due to changes in infrastructure.  Nothing much was in today’s patch game wise, except something to fix dual wielders from getting extra procs.  That would be me.  Oh well.  And the downtime was apparently so traumatic that Grimwell listed the date in the patch notes title as Wednesday, September 25th.  For some people, every minute of downtime seems like ten.

Then I poked my nose into World of Warcraft.  A big patch day, with version 2.2.0 going up which includes integrated voice chat.  I don’t think we will be giving up Skype just yet, but it is nice to see Blizzard handing out a huge upgrade like that.  The patch notes are huge.  Lots of stuff changed, every class touched, blah blah blah.  Biggest news for me?  My little pally buffs now have a 10 minute duration.  They used to be 5 minutes, which meant remembering to recast them 12 times an hour, or about every third fight.  While it is an improvement, if Blizzard really loved me, they would have upped them to 30 minutes.

Finally I went to check Lord of the Rings Online, just to see if EVERYBODY was patching today.  Nope, there was no patch today.  On the other hand, I had not logged in for a couple of weeks, so I ended up with last week’s patch.

So I can declare, “All Games Patched And Secure!  Ready For Adventure!”

Now to go check MSDN and see if Microsoft did me in again this week.