Browsing Othrikar

A tale of a dwarf and his shopping cart.

Full of hope at the start of the day.  The promise of fresh provisions draws him on to the shopping ahead of him.


As he moves about town, his hope begins to fade.  He moves from vendor to vendor, leaving each shop with an empty cart.


He wonders if the war with Mordor has swallowed up everything.  The fields seem full and game is plentiful, yet the shelves are bare no matter where he goes.


Driven nearly to despair, our heroic shopper discovers the true nature of his cart.  It was taken from the Safeway of Angmar and it lays a curse on whoever possesses it beyond the limits of its parking lot.  Knowing now what he must now do, he sets out his quest.


He abandons the cart at the first run down goblin apartment complex he comes across.  He leaves it by one of the goblin patios.  Over several days it moves about the complex, ending up out back near the dumpster.

Eventually the apartment complex manger, unable to get anybody to come down from Angmar to retrieve the cart, uses it to haul around his tools.  Later, when Mordor is thrown down and Sauron defeated, the front left wheel develops a wobble that he can never quite fix.  And so he goes on with his life, pushing his tools around in a cart that shakes and pulls annoyingly to the left, and never knowing why.

11 thoughts on “Browsing Othrikar

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    It is said, “Do not go to Wilhelm for humor, for he will say both “Knock knock” and “Pull my finger.”

    I do not think there is anything to get. As with most of my posts, it lacks any depth at all.

    I noticed one night that a little outpost in the North Downs called Othrikar had, in addition to half a dozen of the usual “kill the local fauna” quests, quite a few mining carts sitting around town. Mining carts that looked suspiciously like Middle-earth shopping carts to me, both in shape and their general locations around town.

    So I positioned Nomu around several of them, to create the illusion that he was pushing one cart around town and then wrote a silly story about a cart missing from the Safway of Angmar to tie them all together.

    Nothing but goofiness to be seen here.


  2. syncaine

    Ah ok. Yea I noticed the carts as well when I was there. I was actually expecting some kind of ‘go into the mine and get some ore’ type of quest. North Downs does take forever to finish though, so many quests in that area. Overall a good time though, if one too many group and master elite quests.


  3. Kinless


    Reminds me of that apartment manager in Lady in the Water. Paul Giamatti. And he, as Miles, not Cleveland, in Sideways now, and how he takes his friend to go get drunk up in the wine country, and his friend, set to be married, has this dallience with that one lady and gets his clock cleaned. That probably made him a little wobbly too. That’d be Thomas Haden Church’s character, aka the Sandman

    There, but for the grace of the gods, go I. Ask not … nah. :)


  4. pvthudson

    I thought it was hillarious but I honestly thought there were now mining carts IN game that you could push around to collect ore in, this post was awesome we need more like this!


  5. brackishwater

    photoshop ftw!
    Pretty funny man.

    Its sad, the life of a shopping cart. Pushed around all your life and left to die a rusty death behind a dumpster. Lugging tools around for a janitor, meh, there are worse things in life.


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