New Space Gadget

I pulled the Miner II off of Wilhelm’s Mammoth.  While it was nice to churn a little bit more ore, it really wasn’t worth it.

To start with, I generally do not leave the hauler sitting around in space waiting for the jet can to fill up unless other people are lurking about.  And even when I am in that mode, there is hauling to be done, so there isn’t that much “time on the ‘roid.”  No beam time means no ore in the store.

Second, the range difference between the Strip Miner I and the Miner II, while only 3km, is just enough to be annoying.  I tend to park the barge where I have the maximum number of targets in range, which often means a lot of them are in the range zone between the two miners.  Since I want to stick close to the barge and the jet can, I often end up picking a different flavor of ore, something that offends some internal sense of uniformity.

Finally, the whole range thing is compounded by my insistence on looting and salvaging every NPC pirate I kill.  I never leave a bunch of wrecks sitting around.  I maintain a tidy asteroid belt.  But keeping the jet can within 1500 meters, the target asteroid within 12km, and the wreck to be salvaged within 5km always leads to something being just out of reach when I need it. 

So the miner went.  It was a distraction.  I would rather have the ISK for it.

With a free high power slot available, I bought a Small Tractor Beam I.

Best buy ever for the lazy EVE pilot.  Perfect for the mission running pod potato in your life.

Sure, at nearly 1.5 million ISK, it might seem a pricey convenience.  But if you are like me and are sick of chasing down every last Gurista wreck on a mission or in an asteroid belt, this is a must have.

All you have to do is move with in 20km of a wreck or a cargo container, target it, then turn on the blue beam of happiness.


(Actual tractor beam inaction in action.)

The wreck or cargo container comes right to you at a speedy 500m/s.

When I get a battlecruiser configured for missions (I am leaning towards a Drake… missiles! missiles for all my targets!), it will have a salvager and a tractor beam, both because I am lazy and because I hear that speed and agility are not attributes of battlecruisers… at least not the Caldari flavored ones.

2 thoughts on “New Space Gadget

  1. Trigger64

    Destroyers are pretty much the best thing ever invented for missions and salvaging.

    My Hoover Cormorant has 4x Tractor Beams, 4x Salvagers, Afterburner II and a Small Cap Battery II.

    Nothing beats salvaging and hauling a complex in 10 minutes.


  2. Drew Shiel

    As Trigger64 says, a dedicated salvage ship is where it’s at. A destroyer does very nicely; leave the wrecks there in a belt for a while, and then do a quick run with your salvage ship, and collect ’em all at once. For missions, do a salvage run before you turn in the mission.

    The time-saving is absolutely huge, and it leaves space for more guns on your mission ship.


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