Daily Archives: September 28, 2007

A Changing of Roles…

I have started moving some of the roles previously assigned to my mining character off to Wilhelm, my main.  Now, in addition to doing the hauling while he isn’t running missions, Wilhelm also does the refining.

I did not start down this path because I ran out of skills for Wil to train.  There is a long list of shield, missile, power, and CPU related skills I would like to get him going on.  And he needs them.  I managed to lose another Caracal last weekend.  I got in over my head and stuck next to a big object that kept me from aligning to warp out.  And, as it usually goes, it wasn’t even a Charles Manson (kill everyone) mission, but just one of the “run in, grab something, and run away” variety.  Irony dogs me like some giant, ironic, dog-like thing.  My insurance agent is going to start raising my premiums soon!

No, the path was chosen to take advantage of Wilhelm’s much higher faction with the Caldari Navy to eke every last mineral out of the refining process.  A few weeks of steady but flat mining income and I am looking for how to get more.

Fortunately Refining V was only a couple day haul for him, while Refining Efficiency I, II, and III were about a day, and then specialization in refining a few different ore types (Plaglioclase being first on the list), ran under two hours each to level II, and which point refining waste dropped to zero.  At the end of this my yield, with the better faction, ended up being a little more than 2% better.

Go me!  Every little bit counts!

This change of roles also reduces some travel time.  I leave my miner in whatever system I am working in currently and let Wil do the travelling when the time comes.  I suppose that I do not even have to put my miner into dock, but I do anyway out of habit and paranoia.

Finally, it frees me up from one issue that has been bugging me, and that is the transfer of goods between players.  I only know of two simple ways to transfer goods between my characters.  The first is in space via a jet can.  The second is via the corp hangers in our HQ.  Since I do not plan to stay within two jumps of our HQ forever, and since space has its share of can thieves, I thought it might be better to consolidate hauling, refining, selling, and possibly production into a single character.