Finishing Zul’Farrak

Saturday night rolled around at last.

A move had been completed. Another was yet to come.

But this night we were all online and ready to polish off Zul’Farrak.

We checked our readiness at the door.

Buffs? Up!

Soul stone? Ready!

Health stones? Distributed!

Health potions? Hot bar’d!

Aura? Glowing!

Mallets of Zul’Farrak? In hand!

So in we went, our group for the night being:

47 Mage – Ula
48 Warrior – Earlthecat
48 Priest – Skronk
48 Warlock – Bungholio
49 Paladin – Vikund

We had just two quests to finish and we would be done. First up, Gahz’rilla!

We plowed through the trolls, advancing on the gong that mocked us several weeks back. We cleared all mobs in the area as well as a few out of the way that looked at us funny. Then I was given the task. Sound the gong.

And out came Gahz’rilla. Earl charged into the attack as I stood and took a screen shot.

As we went into the attack, Skronk mentioned, “Watch out for the knock-back” in what I felt was, in hindsight, a rather casual tone.

Yeah. Knock back.

To me, knock back is something that, you know, knocks you backwards. Gahz’rilla does not knock you back.

Gahz’rilla sends you FLYING!

Here we are, flying through the air after one of Gahz’rilla’s specials.

Skronk, who wisely stood back, caught Ula with a heal mid-air, if I recall right. She did not die on hitting the ground.

As the fight wore down, Gahz’rilla sent Earl and I flying again.

But we were all high enough level that the outcome was not in doubt. Gahz’rilla went down, the electrified scale was collected, and we posed for pictures around the defeated monster.

One down, one to go!

We advanced on the stairs, first clearing all the mobs in the courtyard. That was what got us into trouble last time, some unexpected adds.

Then we killed the troll with the key, flagged ourselves PvP, spoke to the goblin, then let out Bly and his group.

Bly and his team moved to the top of the stairs. We stood there with them, looking down at the now re-filled courtyard.

Then the trolls began to mount the steps. The battle was on.

This time we kept our cool and did not edge down the steps until Bly moved down. We followed him to face the final set of trolls, bringing them down quickly. Then we asked Bly for the Divino-matic Rod he promised us, the second item we needed that night.

That, of course, is the trigger for Bly and his group to turn on us. We slew them, took the rod, and were done with our goals for the night.

But speaking to the goblin before that battle on the stairs gave us access to one more thing, Chief Ukorz Sandscalp. His gate was open and we walked in, slaying the patrol on the path then his pet basilisks and snakes.

The Chief was no match for us either, but he did leave behind a nice gift. Earl got the Big Bad Pauldrons out of the fight.

So we stood in the Chief’s spot and took a picture of ourselves victorious.

And then we tried to ride out and got variously mis-direct, dismounted, hexed, and eventually in a couple of fights that left Skronk and I dead. Here I am, my corpse oh so close to the exit, hexed and slain.

Skronk and I released and took the angel’s offer of revival with penalties. We had paid one final price, but we were done with Zul’Farrak.

We gathered back up and turned in our quests, one in Gadgetzen and one at the Mirage Raceway.

While we were picking up our Carrot on a Stick reward at the raceway, I got one last treat for the night.

Being a fan of the Error’d posts on the Daily WTF, I am always on the lookout for such errors, such a the variable $n below.


Now that we are done here, the next stop is Maraudon!

5 thoughts on “Finishing Zul’Farrak

  1. kanthalos

    Grats on completing ZF! One of my favorites. Through three 60’s and a 70, I have never gotten past the second boss on Maraudon though, believe it or not. There were always things in there that I wanted, but I could never get a group together. Anyways, glad to see you are enjoying yourself in WoW.


  2. Julia

    Grats on finishing ZF – I went through ZF all the way for the first time a few days ago – I wasn’t ready for the knock back either, lol – it scared me, really – I didn’t know what was going on. But needless to say we finished him in quick order. Loved all the screenshots :)


  3. *vlad*

    If I might give you a tip: When fighting any beastie that is in the water and has the ‘send you flying’ ability, the best place to be yourself is in the water. That way when he sends you flying, you hopefully land back in the water and take no damage.

    I think more people die trying to ride out of ZF than when fighting the mobs!


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