CCP Says “Feel The Power Of 2”

CCP has an EVE Online offer for two-boxers.

Well, potential two-boxers anyway.

If you already have an active EVE Online account CCP has probably already sent you a note with the following text:

Dear User

It’s lonely sometimes, in deep, dark space. All those vessels zooming by, going every which way, chattering excitedly with their corp mates or just each other on local, while you’re left all alone, your lasers forlornly nibbling away at an asteroid.

Sometimes you wish you had someone there, by your side. Someone who could share in the good and the bad: Pat you on the back after a long day of hauling, clap excitedly when you take down a pirate, and cry for you when you’re blown to shreds with a full set of implants. Someone you can trust. Someone you can rely on. Someone you can feed to the gatecampers when you need to make a quick getaway.

We can give you that someone. We can bring that new dimension to your life, that special fluttery moment when you realize there are now two of you going through life’s hardships. Together. As a Power of 2.

This offer is good only until the 4th of November 2007, and costs 49.95. After the six months the subscription of your new account will expire but you’ll have choice in which manner you want to renew your subscription. Note that this offer is only available for credit cards and Direct Debit.

Essentially, you can have a second account for six months for only $49.95.

That is pretty good, considering a six month chunk of EVE Online time goes for $71.70, and that price is only available after you have paid $19.95 for your account activation and first month.

Of course, this plan does me no good.  I already have a second account.  But if you were considering the idea of a second account, now is your chance.

If you did not get an email about this, you should still find a button on the EVE Online site on your “My Account” page if you are eligible, as pictured below:


Has any other MMO ever offered a two-boxer special like this?

6 thoughts on “CCP Says “Feel The Power Of 2”

  1. Eric

    Oddly enough they send this offer to one account that has not been active for over a year and not to the account that I use now.

    My Khanid alt was created using this offer last year. And if you’re from Europe, buy gtc at shatteredcrystal, it’s a cheap way to keep your alt account alive :).


  2. Curious George

    Got this email too but I’m not interested. I think a game is doing something wrong if people need to multi-box in order for them to get what they want out it. Of course I see the economic benefit to the company for having it.


  3. Curious George

    I should be fair and say that IF I had alot more money and IF I had the where-with-all to actually manage more than one character at a time I probably would.


  4. Debes

    Curious George: You don’t really…it’s just cheaper.

    That’s right, cheaper. If you’re a pvper and train up a trade/industry alt, you can easily save money in the long run (if you’re paying for your account with GTCs) over buying off market/etc.

    That said, large corps/alliances can gat you nearly the same effect.


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