Daily Archives: October 8, 2007

Fifty in the Hinterlands

Saturday night was another short night for our instance group. 

Short, as in we were short one person.  Earl was in the middle of a cross-country move, so we were not expecting him.  So our line up was:

48 Mage – Ula
48 Warlock – Bungholio
49 Priest – Skronk
49 Paladin – Vikund

The remaining four of us got together to close out a couple of quests in the Hinterlands.  Specifically, we had “Saving Sharpbeak” and “The Ancient Egg” to take care of.  Both quests are in quest chains that pass through Zul’Farrak, so this was some post-instance business.  Both of these quests also involve climbing up through Jintha’Alor. in The Hinterlands, which is also where we had to go to get the mallet of Zul’Farrak.

This time around things went pretty much the same as it did last time.  We fought our way up through the trolls of Jintha’Alor, avoiding those that we could.  This was sped up a bit by the fact that another group was in the area and apparently had the same shopping list of tasks to accomplish.  So at various times we had the road ahead of us cleared away.

We picked up the egg, the worked our way around to find and release Sharpbeak.  The amusing bit is the fact that as soon as you let Sharpbeak out of his cage, his mother and father show up, two very large gryphons, and fly off with him, a happy reunited family.  Of course, my first thought was, “If they can fly up here, why couldn’t they have given us a lift and saved us all that climbing and fighting?”

Of course, I used to wonder, if Gandalf could seemingly hitch rides on eagles at will, why he didn’t just request some air support, fly Frodo out to Mount Doom, and destroy the ring about two books shy of the end of the story.  I know, it wasn’t that simple, but I am always looking for the most efficient solution.

Once done there, we did another Valkyrie ride down Jintha’Alor which, unfortunately, had the same result as last time.  One of us died.  This time Skronk bought the farm, though he got caught when he dismounted and bubbled Bung, who was close to getting killed himself.

Fortunately, Skronk had a soul stone from Bung handy, so he could ress and ride on out pretty quickly.

Our first stop was Gryphon Master Talonaxe, to turn in “Saving Sharpbeak.”  I got an extra reward when I turned in the quest.


Yes, my first level 50 character in World of Warcraft.

We then ran off to Tanaris to turn in “The Ancient Egg.”  That brought Bung close enough to level 49 that we ran off and did another short quest in Tanaris so that he made his level.

So we cleared up a couple of loose ends from ZF and moved most of the group closer to the level 50 mark.