Rome Demising Headline Contest

One of the nice things about the arena of MMO blogs is that with any big announcement somebody usually comes up with a very witty headline, something makes me at least chuckle or even laugh out loud.

But with the cancellation of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, the headlines were somewhat disappointing. 

The best I could find were:

Rome Sacked

Nothing is Perpetual

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Considering the source material available, these were okay, but nothing fantastic.

So I am declaring a minor contest… the first ever for this site.  So stop carving your pumpkins and put on your thinking caps.

To enter, in the comments for this post you may either:

1) Make up your own headline about the cancellation of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

2) Point us all at a worthy headline that you or somebody else has already used

The Prize:  The winner will be featured in a post declaring his or her fine taste, wit, and wisdom and generally praising them with great praise.  If the winner has a web site, blog, podcast, or something else they would like linked, that will be included.

All entries must be in by 23:59 GMT, Saturday, October 20th, 2007.  

Multiple entries will be accepted, but too many will dilute your chances.  If you want to ammend, delete, or otherwise alter your entry before the deadline, use the form on the About page

The winner will be picked by the Saturday Night Permanent Floating Instance Group and current members of the Shades of Twilight Guild that feel inclined to participate. (They can decide or they can enter, but they cannot do both.  This will be a tough choice for Gaff.)

In event of a tie, severe indecisiveness, multiple group wipes, or some other set of circumstances that produces no clear winner, I will throw together a poll and let the readership decide among the top contenders.


  • Brevity is the soul of wit
  • Quality trumps quantity
  • With puns, the worse they are, the better they are
  • Latin is good: We have lawyers and scholars on staff
  • Acknowledge the work of others: We have lawyers and scholars on staff
  • References can be too obscure… but you will have to work hard to get there

14 thoughts on “Rome Demising Headline Contest

  1. Loralor

    Fallen Gods & Heroes No More: The Rome that will not be Rising

    Veni Vidi no Vici

    Oups! Bring on the viagra, cuz Rome won’t be Rising!


  2. Servitor

    Spitto, Spittere, Actui, Spittum: Gods and Heroes Chewed Up and Spat Out

    (Helps if you’re familiar with Latin’s “principle parts” verb system.)


  3. bluelinebasher

    Romani ite domum!

    (written 100 times before sunrise of course)

    A general idea who became a MMO. A MMO who became a beta. A beta who defied the timing of the emperor.


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