New Theme put out a new theme today that I thought looked interesting. It is called “Black Letterhead.” 

At least, with the orange, it is in tune with the spirit of the season.  I am not sure if it is a keeper though.

After 20 minutes of looking at it, I decided I did not like it.

If you are interested, this is how it looked.


4 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. dmosbon

    Funny that I changed my blogs theme also but not to the new wp one. I kept mine…I think you were right to return to your previous oone though. I think the orange took over the page view too much…


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I am a fan of darker themes, but the orange text and the layout of the posts were just not making it with me.

    I really want my current theme, redone dark, with a slightly larger header for pictures and tabs that do not stick into the picture area.

    I know, I could have all that and more if I cared to host the site myself. But I know from my days of running a BBS (back when a BBS was a computer with a modem set to answer attached to it) that if I hosted it myself, I would spend a lot more time tinkering with the site and a lot less time actually writing.


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