Daily Archives: October 17, 2007

See Station Launcher

The new Station Launcher, that is.

Head to the new Sony Station Launcher home page and check it out.

You can download the beta or just look at the demo and read all about it.

Thanks to grat who pointed out this site in a comment.

Preparing for The Hulk

The end of my miner’s training is within sight.  I spent the 25 million ISK for the Exhumers skill over the weekend.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.

At least when it comes to being able to fly a Hulk mining barge.  Training never ends in EVE.

In addition to purchasing equipment for the Hulk, I thought it might be a good idea to increase the capacity of my hauler.  Right now it takes a good 20 minutes for the Retriever to fill up my Mammoth, a number I hope will shrink quite a bit when I get the Hulk going.

The first thing I went looking for was Expanded Cargohold II hull modifications for the four low power slots on the Mammoth.  Currently I have only the standard Expanded Cargoholds installed.

There is, of course, a price jump to get the tech II unit.  The standard model can be easily had for 4,000 ISK, while the market had the tech II models listed for around 2.5 million ISK.

Ten million ISK for four hull modifications made me stop and think a minute.  That is a few mornings worth of mining.

So I thought I would be the savvy shopper and put in a buy order at 1.8 million ISK to see if I could save myself at least a bit of money.  The order went in for four units at that price anywhere in the Lonetrek region.

I still do not have a good sense of how bit a region is, but I have a better feel for it now.

Two of the units I purchased through my buy order showed up within 5 jumps of the Twilight Cadre HQ.

The other two, which came as a set, were 14 jumps away in a 0.1 security systems called Tartoken

That worried me a bit, especially since I would hit low security systems 3 jumps into my trip.

I still had my Moa sitting in the hanger.  I figured I could re-equip it and use that for the run.

I pulled out some warp core stabilizers I had from drops, a couple of shield extenders, an invulnerability field, a shield recharger and two heavy missile launchers to go with the rail guns I had not bothered to remove from the ship previously and I was set.  All of the stuff I had sitting around unused, so I could afford to lose it.

I put my paranoia cap on and headed off for Tartoken.

The trip did not end up being as bad as I thought.  There were more high security systems along the way than I expected. 

Of course, I did the trip manually.  Autopilot would have been suicide.

I did not get shot at once.  I jumped away from one group on the way out and warped away from them on the way back.  They seemed to be engaged in a battle on the return trip, so they probably did not even notice me.

At one gate a lone guy targeted me, but I jumped before anything happened.

So I picked up my two additional Extended Cargohold II mods and brought them back in one piece.

Then I did my refit of the Mammoth.

With the Expanded Cargohold I’s installed, the Mammoth could haul 12,866 cubic meters. 

With the Expanded Cargohold IIs installed, that number got bumped up to 17,896 cubic meters, or more than enough for another Giant Secure Container in the hold.  GSCs are those magic boxes that only take up 3,000 cubic meters of space but that can somehow hold 3,900 cubic meters of stuff!

With four GSCs in the hold, the total hauling capacity was 16,686 cubic meters.  With five in the hold the Mammoth can now swallow up to 22,337 cubic meters of ore.  A reasonable improvement in capacity.

Then I went looking for Cargohold Optimization I rigs for the Mammoth.  The price per rig, over 40 million ISK, was a bit more than I cared to spend at the moment.  I did not bother looking at the tech II versions. 

For now, 22,337 cubic meters is going to have to do. 

So now I am ready to haul more ore.  I just need to run down the clock on the training and I will be mining more ore that needs to be hauled.