Station Access Savings Calculator!

File under “silly.”

As part of the revamp of the SOE website, they have now added a savings calculator to illustrate the advantages of Station Access. 

They are apparently worried that the current target audience for Station Access has problems multiplying $14.99 by the first seven positive integers.  

I supposed it is good to know that I would save nearly $75 a month over normal fees if I played all seven of SOE’s subscription based games.


Just for the record, those seven games are, currently, EverQuest, EverQuest II, EverQuest Online Adventures, Vanguard, Star Wars Galaxies, The Matrix Online, and Planetside.

The calculator is a little less helpful about my savings if I only play one or two games. 


Sure, there would be zero savings… and an additional cost of $15.00 or $0.01 for one or two games.

If you choose one game, you are encouraged to play more games.


While at the two game level, you are told that you can have access to more games for just pennies.


Technically, that should be “a penny more a month.”  2 times $14.99 is $29.98, or one penny less than the monthly cost of Station Access.

Maybe they were right to worry about people having problems with multiplication.

I have no doubt this was approved by the same person who thought banner ads all over the site (though not on the Station Access pages) were also a good idea.  More cow dung!

1 thought on “Station Access Savings Calculator!

  1. tipa

    While I was playing both EQ1 and EQ2, it made sense. Kinda. I took my son’s account off Station Pass when they raised their rates because he only plays EQ2 and they stopped doing adventure packs.

    Now I only play EQ2 — logging into EQ1 just to take screen shots of places in EQ1 that I visit in EQ2 — and am CERTAINLY overpaying, especially since the other game I have a subscription for, Dungeon Runners, isn’t part of the pass.

    I’d originally thought Gods and Heroes would be on it, and then I was wrong, and then the game got canceled. Then I heard PotBS would be on it, which would make it marginally worth it, but who knows if it will be worth playing? And what if SOE raises the price to pay for that, like they did for Vanguard?

    Now with the rumored KotOR MMO being developed, not by SOE, to put another nail into SWG’s carbonized coffin (for LucasArts to license Bioware to make a Star Wars MMO when there is one already on the market would be a very clear statement)… just where is the value in the Station Pass?

    Will they raise the rates again for Agency, the kiddie MMO, and DC Universe Online? It could be they will keep raising the rates so that it is worth it to *nobody* to keep the Station Pass.


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