Daily Archives: October 26, 2007

Thorium Shuffle

In which the author runs around for 2 hours and accomplishes very little.

Last Saturday I was in World of Warcraft with my hunter, Tistann.  I was in the auction house looking at equipment upgrades.

When I got to guns, I saw a Thorium Rifle for sale. 

An upgrade yes, but I realized that I did not need to buy one.  Vikund, who is an engineer, can make Thorium Rifles.  Well, he had the recipe and the right skill level.

In fact, I had even started collecting the parts to make one for Tistann.  Vik was only short some thorium to make a couple of parts.

So I bought a stack of 20 thorium ore with Tistann, sent it to Vikund, and logged in with Vik fully expecting to finish up the rifle right then and there.

Vikund was up at Nijel’s Point in Desolace.  I picked up the thorium from the mail, then realized he did not have his tools with him.

So I got on the griffon and flew to Ratchet to use the bank.

He got his tools out, brought up his smelting skill, and realized that he did not have the skill to smelt thorium ore.  His skill was 245.  You need a skill of 250 to smelt thorium ore into thorium bars.

So I flew down to Gadgetzen in Tanaris to go mine mithril ore for a while to get his skill up.

I ran around Tanaris, mining mithril ore until I finally hit a skill level of 250, which took me just about a full circuit around the zone.

I ran back to Gadgetzen to get the thorium smelting skill.  Only there is no mining trainer in Gadgetzen.

So I used my hearth stone and recalled to Ironforge, ran him over to the trainer, got the skill, ran to the forge, and made 20 thorium bars.

The end was in sight!

I went to make the rifle and realized he left the previously made parts in the bank.

One round trip to the bank later he stood again at the anvil, ready to proceed.

But there was one more thing he needed to make.  Each rifle requires two thorium widgets.

So I found the thorium widget recipe.  Each thorium widget requires three thorium bars and one runcloth.

Runecloth?  Crap, I did not have any runecloth.

So a run to the auction house, which was where I started more than 90 minutes past, to find some runecloth.

It was Saturday afternoon and there was not a stitch to be found.

There are lots of things made from runecloth available, but not one auction open for it.

And nobody on the trade channel had any either.

So I put things back in the bank, got on the griffon, flew out to the boat, sailed to Theramore, flew back to Desolace, and logged off, my plans thwarted.

I wish I could say that this running around routine was unique in my MMO experience, but it isn’t.  

 I recall an all day effort for nothing back in EverQuest when I was trying to become an armor smith.  I think I ran from Qeynos to Highhold Pass three times that day, and then through it again to get to Freeport.

Nothing impresses upon you the size of the world than the need to run around it to just get “one more thing” so you can accomplish a task.

Fortunately, the next day, I was able to find ample runecloth at the auction house, so I was finally able to finish the rifle.  I even had enough thorium to make an extra for Earl. 

But on Saturday, that rifle just didn’t want to get made.