Rome Demising Headline Contents Winners

The votes are in.  The six judges chose the following entries:

First Place: Veni, Vedi, Mortuus

  • From: Kendricke of Clockwork Gamer
  • Votes: 3
  • Deciding Factor: Lawyers Like Latin
  • Award: Great Praise!

Second Place: Rome Burns: Perpetual Fiddles

  • From: Two Hammers of Game Bunny
  • Votes: 2
  • Deciding Factor: Simple, pointed, in English
  • Award: Praise

Third Place: Et tu, Chris McKibbin?

  • From: Bildo of Ramblings of a Bildo
  • Votes: 1
  • Deciding Factor: Because “McKibbins” is so un-Roman
  • Award: Thumbs up

So congratulations to Kendricke for the top entry!  His wit is hereby declared the winner in this contest.  Visit the site to which he contributes, Clockwork Gamer, to bask further in his wisdom.

All of the top three winners should feel free to place this contest prominently on their respective resumes.

Thank you to the five people who helped me judge.  The panel included Gaff, Potshot, and White Kitten

I resisted the temptation to pack the panel with individuals (real or make-believe) who would vote the way I told them, and so my own pick came in second place.  I won’t make that mistake twice.

The real problem for me was that once the contest was declared, I had to force myself to try not to come up with my own entries.  Using “Rome Demising” as the contest title did not put me off to a good start in that regard.  And, thus, five headlines forced themselves upon me. As is common in my writing, they are all allusions to the work of others.

  • I, Cancelled Us
  • Last Man in Rome (Please turn out the lights)
  • Latinum for the Federation, Not a Sestertius for Rome
  • Imperial Rome Takes It In The Annals
  • Friends, Romans, Unemployed

If you are feeling ambitious, you can comment with the source I stole from for each of these.

6 thoughts on “Rome Demising Headline Contents Winners

  1. Debes

    I know a couple of those, but I can’t recall what they’re from or the original quotes (so I guess I don’t really know them). But the last is from a famous speech from Caesar.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    The answer key, ages later…

    I, Cancelled Us – I, Claudius by Robert Graves

    Last Man in Rome (Please turn out the lights) – First Man in Rome by Kathleen McCullough

    Latinum for the Federation, Not a Sestertius for Rome – Millions for defense, but not a penny for tribute, variously attributed

    Imperial Rome Takes It In The Annals – The Annals of Imperial Rome by Tacitus

    Friends, Romans, Unemployed – William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar Act III, scene II


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