Daily Archives: October 29, 2007

Hulk In Space!

So last week my training finally wrapped up.  From start to finish it took nearly 50 days and cost, in skills and equipment, close to 200 million ISK.

But, at last, my Hulk exhumer is in space and tearing up asteroids.


Due to lagging skills, I still have some training to do before it is fully equipped.  Currently it has:

High Slots

3 Strip Miner I

Medium Slots

Survey Scanner
Small Shield Extender

Low Slots

Mining Upgrade I
Power Diagnostic System

I actually have some better equipment on hand, but by miner’s skills when it comes to power management and shields are too low to either fit better items or support the power drain they cause.

So there is more training to be done.

And research.  I have to figure out Strip Miner II technology.

But even as it stands, it does burn through a lot of ore.  The examples I listed in my post on high security asteroids included a comparison of how much ore every three minutes a single strip miner I yields.  Multiply that by three and that is what the Hulk harvests.

Plus, with an 8,000 cubic meter cargo bay, it can actually hold two full passes worth of ore.

I am tempted just to put two Extpanded Cargohold II modules on it, let my miner haul his own ore, and have Wilhelm go run missions elsewhere.

Still, as always in EVE, there is more training to be done.